Shooter Kills 18 kids in Mass Shooting at Elementary School in Texas


An 18-year-old gunman opened fire Tuesday at a Texas elementary school, killing at least 18 children and three adults, officials said, and the gunman was dead.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said in a news conference that “swift action” was taken by law enforcement at the mass shooting scene, but it was too late for many children. “The shooter is no longer alive,” Abbott said. “The shooter was Salvador Ramos, an 18-year-old male who resided in Uvalde.”

The governor said Ramos entered the school with a handgun and possibly a rifle. The governor confirmed that he shot and killed 14 students and killed a teacher.

“Mr. Ramos, the shooter, he himself is deceased, and it is believed that responding officers killed him. Two responding officers were struck by rounds but have no serious injuries,” Abbott said.

According to authorities, a Border Patrol agent who was nearby when the shooting began rushed into the school without waiting for backup and shot and killed the gunman, who was behind a barricade. The agent was wounded but able to walk out of the school, the law enforcement source said.

Two law enforcement officers were shot but are expected to be OK, Abbott said. One of the officers was a Border Patrol agent, the Associated Press reported.

Other reports are saying that the school may not have been his target at all. In fact, according to multiple sources he may have already been fleeing law enforcement. CNN is reporting that he crashed his car near the school, got in a gun fight with police then made his way to the school and started shooting kids.

Our sources say this is the shooters truck, and say he crashed near the school while being pursued by law enforcement.

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