SPP339 Preparing for Martial Law


As preppers we think about what life would be like under Martial Law all the time, but what is the likelihood of it being enacted, and to what scale. It’s also important to note that Martial Law doesn’t need to be enacted for them to do whatever they want.

In the show we discussed what the different form of Martial Law might look like, how it’s been implemented in the past, and how laws already on the books make it possible for them to sidestep Martial Law.

Through the years, presidents and politicians have added laws to the books that enable them to do what they need in the name of safety and security. Anti-hoarding laws and eminent domain mean they can come to take whatever they want, from whomever they want. The big question is will they?

The Blabbercast

In the show we talked about what the Blabbercast is how we did this video right before we did the live stream on our SurvivalPreppers YouTube channel. Make sure you are subscribed on youtube as well as the audio podcast on your favorite podcasting platform.

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