A Simple Concealed Compartment in Your Vehicle


Some people might want to make a hidden compartment in their car because they don’t want other people to see what they have in their car. Maybe they have a lot of money or something else that they don’t want other people to know about. Whatever the reason, making a hidden compartment in your car can be a good way to keep your things safe and out of sight.

Steps to Create a Concealed Compartment in SUV, Van, or Hatchback

  1. The first step is to measure the floor of the trunk in your SUV. You will need to know the dimensions so that you can cut the plywood to size.
  2. Cut the plywood to match the dimensions of the floor in your SUV trunk.
  3. Cover the plywood with carpet that matches the interior of your SUV. This will help to conceal the plywood and make it look like it belongs in the car.
  4. Place four legs (or something to raise the board off of the ground) under the plywood. This will create a space under the plywood where you can store things.
  5. Close the rear door of the SUV. The compartment is now concealed and can be used to store valuables out of sight.

It is a fairly simple idea that decreases the likelihood of your vehicle being burglarized

Plywood cover being installed


Cover installed, you can see the compartment underneath it

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