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No Grid Survival Projects: Book Review

They say that if you are prepared for an EMP you are prepared for everything else.

No Grid Survival Projects caught my attention immediately because as I understand it, it was created to help people during long-term blackouts or after an EMP.

Needless to say, it’s my lifelong dream to stop being dependent on our vulnerable Grid.

Once my order got confirmed I was notified that the physical book was in very high demand and that my copy would be part of a new batch just being printed. They said it would reach me in about 10 days, but it arrived on my doorstep a bit sooner… 7 days to be more exact.

If the book is in stock, you can probably expect it to reach you faster. I didn’t mind waiting as I could read through the digital version immediately.

This is what the mailed package looked like. You can’t see this but it’s quite heavy, and even before I opened it, I could tell the book inside was solid.

The first thing that caught my eye was how gorgeous it looked both outside and inside. This was the kind of book that I could keep on my living room table.

In general, the book looked like it could take some wear and tear if you’d have to haul it with you to a bug-out location.

No Grid Survival Projects: Book Review

I don’t as my focus is making my house as ready as possible for a disaster and withstanding everything with all my stockpiles nearby. I also don’t want to risk and see what the roads will be like after an EMP.

No Grid Survival Projects is a massive 302-page physical book, but you also get access to a series of videos that show you how to build every project inside the book.

Michael Major, the author, filmed himself building each of the 70 DIY survival projects from start to finish. I thought that was a nice touch.

Of course, after an EMP these videos will probably become worthless unless you store them on a hard drive or tablet safely tucked away inside a faraday cage (hint).

But regardless, I’m going to be building many if not most of them while we still have electricity and a working internet.

After flipping through the book, a bit, I turned to the table of contents.No Grid Survival Projects Book Review

No Grid Survival Projects is made up of 8 large chapters as you can see below:

  • Projects Related to Water
  • Projects on Guns and Ammo
  • Projects Related to Electricity
  • Projects to Keep Intruders Off Your Property
  • Projects on Food
  • Projects on Traps You Can Make for Animals and Birds
  • Projects on Seeds, Herbs, and Natural Remedies
  • Other Projects to Build in Your Backyard

Each chapter has multiple projects, and all in all there are over 70 of them.

From the beginning, you get a bird’s eye view of what the project entails in terms of material cost, difficulty level, and time to build.No Grid Survival Projects Book Review

The book then goes on to provide a list of tools and materials needed before giving you step-by-step instructions on how to assemble everything in the right order.

I was taken by surprise by the level of detail provided by the author and how many pictures he added along the way.

At the end of each project, he even has a section about testing it out in real life and variations you can choose to adopt depending on your situation and property size.No Grid Survival Projects Book Review

Right now, I’m most interested in ways to generate my power supply at home, so one of the first projects I read was the one about The Backyard Power Plant.

This is a solar-powered system that can help you power up several important devices at once, the main one being a refrigerator or a freezer. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but solar panels are resilient to the effects of an EMP.

What I liked about the Backyard Power Plant was that it not only gives you a simple solar panel setup but also shows you how to wire everything together and store that sun power in a battery bank to use it whenever you need it.No Grid Survival Projects: Book Review

This is a scalable, modular system that you can implement depending on your individual needs and of course also on your budget.No Grid Survival Projects: Book Review

I’m almost done building this project and I have to say it was not as hard as I first expected, especially since I don’t have the physical force of a man.

I guess that’s what happens when you get a book that doesn’t assume any previous knowledge and explains everything as if this were the first thing you built in your life. The fact that the panels are foldable, and the battery bank moves on its own wheels means I can install it whenever and wherever I want.

So, that’s a bonus because in case I’ll ever be forced to bug out, I’ll be able to haul my Backyard Power Plant with me.

Another thing which I didn’t expect was that I am enjoying building it. After work, I just grab a bottle of beer and head into the garage.

I am so focused on the task at hand…moving from one step to the next and putting everything together like a giant jigsaw puzzle. It’s a great way to disconnect and certainly a lot more useful than watching politics on TV.

Whichever projects didn’t fit a specific “niche” is placed in the “Other Things To Do In Your Backyard” chapter.No Grid Survival Projects: Book Review

And as you’ll probably be able to see for yourself these projects are just as useful as the rest of them, at least at first glance.

I especially liked the one on how to build a stove water heater that gives you free hot water at the tap or the Smokehouse in a barrel.

One thing I noticed throughout the book is that Michael made an effort to not only keep every project as simple as possible but also affordable for regular folks.No Grid Survival Projects: Book Review

Having accessed some of the links provided in the book I can vouch that the materials he used are good, but also inexpensive.

Each link for materials or tool also has a QR code attached and they’re easily accessed with your mobile phone’s camera. They will probably save you a lot of time you would have spent searching online and doing spec and price comparisons.

In other project books I’ve bought in the past the authors never seemed to care about making the buy and build experience as streamlined as possible. No Grid Survival Project doesn’t have this problem.

In conclusion, No Grid Survival Projects is one of the few survival books I can see myself coming back to again and again.

Click Here to Secure Your Own Physical Copy of No Grid Survival Projects!

The DIY projects inside have just added a new level to my preps that goes beyond just stockpiling or skills.

And I think this is very important for a lot of people because unless you’re able to automatically produce some of the vital things you need on your property and become a little more self-sufficient you might still come up short in case of a society-altering crisis like an EMP.

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