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If you read the title of this video and thought, “No donkeys for me, especially where I hunt!” Well, this, is something I know about.

A few years back I purchased a 75-foot house trailer and moved it on my place. Then I rented it out. Actually, I thought I would make a little extra money doing that. I won’t go into all the ways I was wrong about the renting and making money thing, instead I’ll go directly to my experiences with DONKEYS!

I had been gone for a few days and it was dark when I returned home. I went to sleep right away. At sunrise I heard some extremely loud braying, roaring noises. I mean, like real loud. I yanked on my hunting boots, walked outside, and headed toward the loud noises.

Behind my renters’ trailer I saw a makeshift pen made of rusty, throw away barbed wire … that had 3 Donkeys in it, and they were sounding off at an ear splitting volume. I was not happy. My renter had already left for work. I phoned him and told him how much I disliked the donkeys in a very impolite tone of voice.

He told me he would sell the donkeys right away, something that the passing months would reveal he had no intention of doing. And he chose wording that he knew would work on me, as it had (so far) every time he missed a rent payment.

Enough of that, let’s move ahead to the matter of Donkeys. In recent years many local ranchers and farmers have brought in Donkeys to hang around with their livestock. By nature, Donkeys naturally fall in with the livestock and go where they go as well as eat what they eat. And also by their nature, when predators approach or attack the goats, sheep or younger calves; the Donkeys are not intimidated; instead they go on the offensive and lay siege to and bite, kick, wallop and soundly overwhelm their opponents.

Soooo … let’s take a look at the above Video for a little Show And Tell.


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