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Hornady have added a 30 Super Carry load to their popular Critical Defense line of ammunition. Loaded with a 100-grain Hornady FTX bullet, the new Hornady 30 Super Carry Critical Defense ammunition is advertised to have a muzzle velocity of 1250fps when fired from a 4″ barrel which results in 347ft/lb of muzzle energy.

Hornady @ TFB:

Introduced by Federal Ammunition at SHOT Show 2022, the 30 Super Carry is a 30-caliber handgun cartridge that has an overall length of the 9mm Luger but is thinner which allows having higher magazine capacity at given magazine dimensions. The muzzle energy of 30 Super Carry is comparable to 9mm Luger and can even exceed certain 9mm loads because of the higher pressure it operates at. For example, Hornady 30 Super Carry Critical Defense (100gr FTX, MV=1250fps, ME=347ft/lb) ammo has higher muzzle velocity and energy than the Hornady 9mm Luger Critical Defense (115gr FTX, MV=1135fps, ME=332ft/lb) ammo, both fired from 4″ barrels.

Hornady 30 Super Carry Critical Defense (4)

Hornady 30 Super Carry Critical Defense Ammunition

Hornady FTX bullets used in the Critical Defense line of ammunition are specially designed for defensive use. The Flex Tip technology of the FTX bullets (polymer insert in the nose) prevents clogging of the nose cavity with clothing or other debris while allowing for reliable expansion in tissue. Hornady Critical Defense ammunition also features nickel-plated cases for higher visibility and low-flash propellants for reduced sight picture and vision disruption when shooting in low light conditions.

Hornady 30 Super Carry Critical Defense (1)

3D cutaway model of a Hornady Critical Defense cartridge

To learn more about the performance of the 30 Super Carry cartridge, watch the below-embedded TFBTV videos.

Pictures by Hornady, www.hornady.com

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