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NEW Gunwerks NEXUS Rifle System -The Firearm Blog

Gunwerks have announced the release of their new NEXUS Rifle System. The new rifle is the result of over two years of research and development and the company calls it their “most advanced and feature-rich rifle system yet“. Let’s take a closer look at the Gunwerks NEXUS Rifle System.

Gunwerks @ TFB:

Gunwerks NEXUS Rifle System (14)

The nexus rifle system from the engineering minds at Gunwerks is the next step in the evolution of the Long Range Rifle System. We’ve shed the limitations put in place by the Rem700 platform. The result yields both luxury and technology in a future-proof platform with a world of possibilities.

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One of the main features of the new Gunwerks NEXUS rifle is the quick-change barrel system. In a matter of minutes and using a T25 wrench, one can remove the stock and swap the barrels to change the caliber. There are no headspace-related issues during the caliber changes thanks to the precision-machined bolt heads and barrel extensions.

Gunwerks NEXUS Rifle System 111 (1)

Having a bolt locking into a barrel extension eliminates the need for a steel receiver. The receiver of Gunwerks NEXUS rifle’s new NXT action is machined out of 7075 aluminum and has a Type 3 hard coat anodized finish. The gun is fed from machined aluminum double-stack detachable box magazines that can be loaded through the ejection port too. The NXT action also features a three-position safety, 65-degree bolt throw angle and 20-MOA integrated top Picatinny rail sections.

Gunwerks NEXUS Rifle System 111 (1)

The carbon fiber NEXUS stock of the Gunwerks NEXUS Rifle System features leather panels in the areas where your skin normally comes in contact with the stock when shooting – the grip and cheekpiece. The stock has a vertical grip and thumb shelves. To allow having a perfect hand fit with the vertical grip, Gunwerks NEXUS rifle features an adjustable trigger shoe with a half-inch total linear trigger shoe location adjustment range.

Gunwerks NEXUS Rifle System 111 (2)

The bottom metal is a single machined aluminum part that not only combines the trigger guard and magazine well but extends forward becoming a bottom ARCA rail which then transitions into a Picatinny rail section.

Gunwerks NEXUS Rifle System (3)

The Gunwerks NEXUS Rifle System is currently available in 6.5 PRC and .300 PRC calibers with more chambering options to be added later. The stainless steel carbon fiber wrapped barrels are equipped with Gunwerks Directional Brakes and are currently available in 20″ and 24″ length options. The overall length of the NEXUS rifle with a 20″ barrel is 40.75″ and it weighs in at 7lbs 2oz.

Gunwerks NEXUS Rifle System (11)

The MSRP of Gunwerks NEXUS Rifle System is $9,009 for all caliber and barrel length options. You can also order the rifle with a Leupold 5-25X56 RH1 MOA non-Ill (+ $3,634) or Kahles K525i MOAK (+ $4,695) scopes installed.

Gunwerks NEXUS Rifle System (12)

To learn more about the Gunwerks NEXUS Rifle System, watch the below-embedded video or listen to the Gunwerks Long Range Pursuit Podcast episode dedicated to this rifle.

Pictures by Gunwerks LLC,

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