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Good Guys With Guns: Defensive Gun Uses Soar in Chicago

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Don’t look now, but Chicago is looking like it might be the defensive gun use DGU capital of the US. There have been at least forty-six Chicagoans who have used a gun since January 2021 to protect themselves. To put that number in perspective, HeyJackass pegs the number of officer-involved shootings as 30 in the same time period.

Keep in mind these are just the incidents I could find that made the news. How high is the actual number?

Number Of Chicago Defensive Gun Use
Location of incidents where someone has used a gun for self-defense since January 2021.

Many special interest groups like Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown gun control operation want you to believe that we need stronger gun laws and even mention Chicago in their anti-gun propaganda. They say the claim that “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” is a myth.

They might want to try tell that to the woman who was outside a Chase in November when a man tried to carjack her. She told CBS News . . .

Thank God I had my gun, or I’d probably be dead right now. …

I had just come out of the bank and was sitting in my car about to lock my door to pull off in leave, and he opened my door and put a gun in my face and when he saw me get mine, he looked surprised – and I started shooting, and he started running.

The CDC produced a study in 2012 and the results weren’t something the Obama administration or his anti-gun allies wanted to hear.

Almost all national survey estimates indicate that defensive gun uses by victims are at least as common as offensive uses by criminals, with estimates of annual uses ranging from about 500,000 to more than 3 million.

For whatever reason, that was the last time the CDC tried to do a major study on defensive gun uses. Yet another survey estimated that an average of 1,029,615 households use guns every year for self-defense in the five-year period they studied. 

The Crime Prevention Research Center recently published an article with a long list of cases in which good guys with guns stopped armed psychopaths who were on a shooting spree. Dr. John Lott wrote the book More Guns, Less Crime and concluded that, “Having a gun is by far the safest course of action when people are facing a criminal by themselves.” 

You might even say that God created men, but Sam Colt made them equal.

This is the part that people who think guns don’t save lives don’t understand…or refuse to acknowledge. You virtually always face a criminal on your own. By the time someone dials 911, it’s too late. In other words, you are your own first responder.

But back to the Windy City. Prospects for less violent crime there don’t look good. The number of people who are applying for positions with the Chicago Police Department is abysmally low and if you look at a graph of the number of cops, it looks like someone jumped off a cliff.

Data like this should keep Chicagoans up at night . . .

Kourtney Redmond is The Illinois State Director of the National African American Gun Association and the President of the 761st Gun Club in Chicago. I showed him the map of locations where the defensive gun uses I was able to identify have occurred. he said . . .

When looking at where most of the self-defense situations in Chicago take place, they often happen in impoverished neighborhoods on the south and west side (black communities) of our great city. People that support gun control all too often do not have to stay in these neighborhoods.

The police have no constitutional duty to protect citizens who are not in custody. The black community in Chicago is starting to realize that. Gun ownership in the black community has grown exponentially. Leading those numbers are black women. We, like every other community, want to exercise our Second Amendment Right to self-defense, which the constitution grants all citizens of this great nation.

Chicago crime scene shooting
A Chicago Police detective collects crime scene of a shooting. (AP Photo/Paul Beaty)

The fact is, crime is going to continue to rise in Chicago and other cities, given undermanned and demoralized police forces like the CPD, widespread decarceration, zero bail laws, and “progressive” prosecutors who let many violent criminals walk. That means the number of defensive gun uses will rise too, as good guys with guns increasingly use them to defend themselves and their loved ones.


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