Versatile EDC Leather Options for Everyone

FALCO® Holsters, globally recognized as “The Gun Holsters Company” and renowned for their distinctive approach of using one artisan in the production of each leather holster from beginning to end, proudly announces their holster line fits more than 3,000 models of handguns and 40-plus lights and lasers.

According to FALCO Holsters CEO Róbert Kováč, “Choosing a holster for your firearm is crucial for safe, responsible everyday carry. Especially for the millions of new gun owners in the U.S. who need a little extra help finding the perfect fit for their firearms. The custom-fitted design of FALCO leather holsters offers comfort, convenience, and most importantly, safety.”

There are many factors to consider when choosing a holster, but three of the most important are; a covered trigger guard, sufficient retention, and a design that provides safe re-holstering. “No one should have to compromise for a universal holster style that doesn’t meet every one of those requirements,” Kováč stated. “At FALCO, we believe every gun owner deserves an exceptionally crafted, custom-fitted holster specific to their firearm. And that it should be delivered fast,” he said.

FALCO Leather Holsters

  • Hand constructed from carefully selected full-grain Italian leather
  • Molded and crafted to specific firearm models
  • Custom-made for virtually any pistol or revolver, RH or LH
  • Excellent retention
  • Covered trigger guard
  • Reinforced opening (excluding deep concealment)
  • Available outside the waistband (OWB), inside the waistband (IWB), ankle, shoulder, small of the back, and pocket configurations
  • Belt clips, belt loops, belt slits, and IWB attachment options
  • Types include pancake, slim, platform, red dot, light compatible, full-size weapon, and hybrid (material combinations)
  • Open-top, thumb break, security strap, open muzzle, retention screw, and cross-draw carry styles
  • Various cant positions
  • Multiple color options
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 10-Day delivery

FALCO Holsters invites dealers to investigate quality craftsmanship, superior customer service, and unrivaled customization options across all leather, Kydex, Nylon, and hybrid holsters. To become a FALCO Holsters dealer, please contact Katarína Zacharová at [email protected].

Contact [email protected] to learn about creating exclusive custom designs.

For more information about FALCO Holsters, visit FALCOHolsters.com. Follow on social media on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

About FALCO® Holsters, The Gun Holsters Company

FALCO Holsters delivers a unique combination of modern techniques and old-world, traditional craftsmanship to our portfolio of custom handgun holsters. Since 1989, the FALCO brand has grown from a small garage in rural Slovakia making leather falconry gloves to a state-of-the-art workshop producing an extensive variety of holsters we supply to individuals, police forces, and military units worldwide. Using only the highest quality European and U.S. materials available, FALCO Holsters continues to thrive while proudly maintaining a personal approach. All products are handmade in Slovakia, in the heart of the beautiful Stiavnica Mountains, rich with history and appreciated as a World Heritage Site (UNESCO). We are proud of the precision of our skilled artisans and our ability to design and manufacture products according to any customer’s exacting needs and requirements. Our commitment to customer service and premium quality extends through our endless customization options, the FALCO Holsters limited lifetime warranty, and fast, international FedEx shipping.

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