Today is the birthday of American gun designer Hugo Borchardt.


Today is the birthday of American gun designer Hugo Borchardt. (June 6, 1844 – May 8, 1924). He was born in Germany. He is best known as the designer of the odd-looking recoil-operated Model 1893 pistol that bears his name. It was the world’s first mass-produced semi-automatic pistol.

The 6th of June is also remembered for the D-Day invasion, which eventually pushed German forces out of occupied France and the rest of western Europe.

Today, we are beginning a two-week-long summer sale, at Elk Creek Company. We’ve reduced the prices on all of our percussion replica guns, and nearly all of our pre-1899 cartridge guns. With the recent dip in the spot price of silver, this is a great time to buy. Note that we have our prices listed in both pre-1965 silver coinage and in current rapidly-inflating Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs.) The last day of the sale will be Monday, June 20th. Order soon!

I just read through the text of H.R. 7910, aka the “Protecting Our Kids Act” — the Democrat’s gun control dream bill package. It includes a ban on making unserialized guns, raises the minimum gun purchase age on most semi-auto rifles and many shotguns to 21, codifies Trump’s bumpstock ban, and has the requirement to keep guns locked up at home at all times unless you are actually carrying them. (With $500 fines for each gun that is found unsecured.) Buried at the end of the package is a ban on the sale or manufacture of any magazines for centerfires that can hold more than 10 rounds. This ban includes a grandfather clause but with no sunset clause. Understanding how Federal law works, this means that the magazine ban will be in effect for generations!  This is a HORRIBLE package of legislation that must be stopped. A Senate version of the same package will soon be announced. There is also a renewal of the 1994-2004 semi-auto ban in the works, as well as a “Universal Background Checks” bill. The latter would outlaw private party intrastate sales of used guns by non-licensees, in a gross overreach of Federal power. Please repeatedly contact both your House and Senate legislators and tell them that this legislation is absolutely unacceptable and to stand firm and to not compromise!  Apparently, some RINO Senate and House members have expressed willingness to go along with this civilian disarmament, so this is a very serious situation!

Today we present a review written by our Field Gear Editor Emeritus, Pat Cascio.

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