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European Mountain Thunder 2022 -The Firearm Blog

Photo: Ingo STEFAN

Photo Of The Day: Let’s start with a short history lesson about photojournalism. Advances in technology over one hundred years ago made illustrating news stories with images possible. Illustrated London News was one of the first weekly publications to make use of this wonderful new technology, where the images were printed using engravings. Imagine how modern it must have felt to read such a magazine at the time!

Today we have “real” images from an exercise called European Mountain Thunder 2022. Here is the caption from the Austrian Bundesheer, machine translated from German:

On the 5th day of the international military exercise “European Mountain Thunder 2022” (EMT22), the mixed Czech-Montenegrin company marched to the Torjoch at 2,386 m above sea level.
Already during the ascent they were involved in a firefight with Austrian soldiers of the 6th mountain brigade. After setting up the winter bivouac, the international company had to prove itself again in a firefight at 11:00 p.m. After a rainy and foggy night, the soldiers were greeted with sunshine in the early hours of the 6th day of the exercise.

The CZ Bren in action.

European Mountain Thunder 2022

More photos can be found in the Flickr album:
More information about the exercise:

All photos are by Mr. Ingo STEFAN, Bundesheer Events.

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