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Innovative Electrical Accessories from Pro Controll Keep the Focus on Fishing

Electric trolling motors are essential accessories on any boat. Anglers rely on trolling motors to handle a wide range of tasks on the water, including propulsion on electric motor-only lakes, fine-tuning mobile presentations, and providing precision boat positioning – enabling the perfect cast and putting more fish in the boat. Motors must be installed and rigged perfectly – especially their power delivery system – to achieve optimum on-the-water performance. Electrical accessories from Pro Controll make quick work of the trolling motor rigging process, delivering many seasons of worry-free motor use and allowing anglers to focus their attention on landing the next trophy. Dealers, marine electronics installers, and anglers alike can now tap into Pro Controll’s expertise to rig motors the right way – the first time. 

60 Amp Trolling Motor Circuit Breaker

Modern trolling motors contain circuit boards and other electronic components that must be protected from unexpectedly high electrical current, which may occur during a power surge, a short circuit, or an overload situation. Sending too many amps to the motor is one of the quickest ways to turn a fishing trip into an extended – and expensive – visit to the repair shop.

The 60 Amp Trolling Motor Circuit Breaker from Pro Controll is the fastest, most reliable way to protect your trolling motor from electrical damage caused by excessive current. This precision-engineered, in-line circuit breaker installs easily on the red/positive wire that delivers power from the battery system to the trolling motor. If more than 60 amps of current flows toward the motor – even if only momentarily – the circuit breaker opens immediately to protect the motor and its electrical components. Anglers can easily reset Pro Controll’s 60 Amp Trolling Motor Circuit Breaker and get back to fishing once the short circuit has been addressed or the overload situation ends. 

The 60 Amp Trolling Motor Circuit Breaker from Pro Controll is the perfect replacement for an original-equipment circuit breaker in an older boat, or one with a low amp rating that would  prevent a contemporary trolling motor from reaching its maximum thrust level. Pro Controll’s 60 Amp Trolling Motor Circuit Breaker is available now with an MSRP of $11.95.

Trolling Motor Battery Quick Connectors

Do you remove the battery from your boat for charging? Perhaps you prefer to store your trolling motor inside your home or garage for security, or to keep it warm during the cold winter months? If so, you know how challenging it may be to disconnect the trolling motor from its power source at the battery. For example, crowded or undersized boat compartments may lead to a knuckle-busting situation when working to remove ring terminals from battery posts, while an inadvertently-grounded socket wrench or pliers may create a shockingly sparky experience.  

Trolling Motor Battery Quick Connectors from Pro Controll ensure that anglers will never need to disconnect their motor at the battery again. This waterproof, safe, quick disconnect system can be installed at any convenient location between the trolling motor and battery, and includes all of the components needed to quickly and easily disconnect the battery from

Pro Controll engineered their Trolling Motor Battery Quick Connectors with heavy-duty, 8-gauge AWG tin-plated marine wire, making them perfect for installations where a plug and socket cannot be used. Now, anglers can effortlessly disconnect the trolling motor from the battery, saving time and effort every time they remove the battery or motor from the boat. Pro Controll’s Trolling Motor Battery Quick Connectors are available now with an MSRP of $19.95.

Quick Connect Trolling Motor Battery Harness Kit

Anglers fishing from smaller deep-vee boats, Jon boats, or utility boats recognize the value of moving their hand-controlled trolling motor from the transom to the bow and back again during the fishing day. For example, a transom-mounted motor is most effective for quickly moving anglers long distances. In contrast, a bow-mounted motor provides the precision boat positioning needed to saturate the strike zone with repeated casts. Because the wiring provided with most hand-controlled trolling motors is relatively short, moving the motor from one location to another often requires moving the heavy battery too, and that barrier alone prevents many anglers from fishing with maximum freedom and flexibility. 

The Quick Connect Trolling Motor Battery Harness Kit from Pro Controll allows for hassle-free movement of the trolling motor from one location in the boat to another, while leaving the battery (or batteries) in place.  Suitable for 12-, 24-, and even 36-volt systems, Pro Controll engineered this battery harness kit with 20 feet of heavy-duty, 8-gauge AWG tin-plated marine wire and two quick disconnects – one for the harness and another for the motor. An integrated 60 Amp circuit breaker protects the motor from damage caused by excessive current, while heat shrink terminals provide effective moisture control. 

Truly a turn-key rigging solution for any boat, the Quick Connect Trolling Motor Battery Harness Kit makes it possible to move a hand-controlled trolling motor around the boat – and not the battery. Now, anglers can leverage their trolling motor’s power both at the transom and the bow to maximize their catch rate. Pro Controll’s Quick Connect Trolling Motor Battery Harness Kit is available now with an MSRP of $109.95.

Whether you’re adding a new trolling motor to your boat or cleaning up multiple generations of previous wiring and rigging attempts, electrical accessories from Pro Controll ensure that your motor performs flawlessly. Now, you can keep your focus squarely where it belongs: on fishing, and building memories on the water!

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At Pro Controll, we pride ourselves on the basics and common-sense elements, which is why we develop products that help all anglers experience less stress and more enjoyment on the water. We strive to be the company that best satisfies the needs and desires of our customers, leveraging our expertise to inspire all anglers – one adventure, one catch, and one product at a time. 

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