Shoot or GTFO – What Would You Do?



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Let’s say you’re visiting a relative and they step out to run an errand, leaving you alone. Then a total stranger boldly walks into the house without permission. Then they become “disruptive.”

What do you do?

A Miramar, Florida man faced exactly that situation earlier this week and shot the intruder, killing him. It turned out that, according to media reports, the homeowner knew the man. Exactly what that means isn’t clear.

According to

Police said they haven’t made any arrests and investigators are working to determine whether the shooting was a case of self-defense.

Police may also be seeking a search warrant to further investigate inside the home. They said everyone inside of the home was cooperating with detectives.’

The news account is admittedly light on details. Was the “intruder” a friend? An angry neighbor? A real-life Kramer type who feels he can walk in at any time? Another bizarre Florida Man? And what does “disruptive” mean?

We clearly don’t have enough information from the sketchy news report, but tell us what you think in the comments. A gun should never make an appearance, let alone be used except as a last resort to prevent death or grievous bodily harm. What would you have done?

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