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Charging handles are an accessory I care very little about, if they work, they work and I don’t really put much thought into them outside of that. However, the new T-Bone polymer Charging handle latches from Strike Industries actually add something interesting to charging handles with there being two different sizes (appropriately named Porterhouse and Tenderloin) of swappable latches that still retain the gas redirecting capabilities of the standard sized T-Bone charging handle latches.

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Strike Industries NEW Porterhouse and Tenderloin T-Bone Latches

Strike Industries NEW Porterhouse and Tenderloin T-Bone Latches

These interchangeable T-Bone latches feature the SI patented gas redirect system that allows you to configure the gas to exit only left, only right or evenly to both sides. With comfort and control in mind, the T-Bone latchless handles are made from SI PolyFlex polymer. The latchless feature of the T-Bone gives minimal wear and tear on your AR upper receiver compared to traditional charging handles on the market. The Strike Industries Porterhouse or Tenderloin T-Bone Charging Handle Latches gives you a modular way to direct the gas and setup the feel and look for one of the most overlooked and essential part of your AR upper receiver.

Strike Industries NEW Porterhouse and Tenderloin T-Bone Latches

The ability to direct the gas in one or both directions could come in handy especially for left-handed shooters opting to mount a suppressor on their rifle. The various charging handle latch sizes that the T-Bone gives you access to should also give you the ability to adapt the rifle to your specific needs at the time. For competition use, the larger Porterhouse handles would give you a bigger target to grab on to when clearing malfunctions or clearing a rifle. For those who run a plate carrier, the small Tenderloin latches should prove to be more snag-free. The SI PolyFlex material used for the latches is also an interesting choice and one that should in theory be more resistant to bumps and scrapes.

Strike Industries NEW Porterhouse and Tenderloin T-Bone Latches

It will be interesting to see how well the gas redirecting features of the T-Bone series of charging handles holds up and how much of a difference the Porterhouse/Tenderloin latches make for various applications. The base charging handle from Strike Industries costs $39.95 and comes with their standard size latch. Each additional set of latches in either the large Porterhouse, or small Tenderloin sizes will cost an additional $12.95 and are available in either black, FDE, or OD green color variations. What do you guys think about the T-Bone charging handle system? I’m especially curious about you left-handed shooters who run a suppressor on your rifle. Is the gas redirecting feature something you think you’d benefit from? Let us know down in the comments.

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