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What do you look for in a firearm for everyday carry?

Choosing the right firearm ensures your gun fits your needs, is comfortable to use, and matches your budget. However, different firearms are appropriate for different uses and environments. You’ll want a very different firearm for home defense than you would for hunting, for example.

With this in mind, take a look at these critical factors to consider been you’re choosing a firearm for everyday carry (EDC):

1. Size

An everyday carry firearm should be easy to carry about your person, which means size is always a determining factor. If you’re permitted to conceal carry, you’ll want to ensure that your gun isn’t visible under your clothing too.

However, more compact firearms can sometimes lack the accuracy associated with larger weapons. Due to this, finding the ideal EDC firearm can mean balancing the need for accuracy with the size of a gun.

2. Action

When you’re choosing a gun for everyday carry, your three main options include: single-action; double action, or striker-fired. Single action pistols are typically the listed option, which can make them ideal as an EDC firearm, but you do need to cock the hammer manually. In contrast, a double-action gun usually features a heavier trigger, because of its dual purpose.

Striker-fired pistols don’t feature an external hammer, which means they can combine the lightweight feel of a single pistol, with a consistent trigger feel. However, if you’re more proficient with single-action, double-action, or striker-fired guns, you may want to choose the same action for your EDC. 

3. Capacity

Another consideration when selecting a firearm for EDC is how many rounds its capable of holding. Again, the smaller size of the ideal EDC can reduce the capacity in the gun’s magazine, which could leave you without enough bullets to effectively neutralize a threat.

Many smaller pistols have a capacity of six to eight rounds but, if you’re worried this won’t be enough, there are other options out there. Some lightweight pistols are capable of holding 10 to 12 rounds, as well as one in the chamber.

Furthermore, you can often purchase a larger capacity magazine to use with an EDC gun. This allows you to increase its capacity while still maintaining a lightweight and streamlined feel, which makes a lot of sense.

4. Price

When it comes to the price of an EDC firearm, it’s important to consider your budget carefully. Although a high price tag doesn’t always mean better quality, spending a little more on an EDC gun can mean that you get a better weapon.

If you need to use your everyday carry for any reason, you’ll want to be confident that it won’t let you down. That’s why it’s important to find the best quality gun in your price range.

Choosing an EDC Firearm

Now you know what matters most when selecting an EDC firearm, you’ll be able to decide which model is right for you. Visiting your local gun store or gun range will give you the chance to assess what’s available and try out the most popular EDC firearms.

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