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2022 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching. Here are a few suggestions for the old man.

For the past two Father’s Days, good old dad has been enduring some kind of lockdown due to the [checks notes] pandemic. By now dad has probably had enough, and unless he is in Australia he has escaped and is on the loose. Show him some love and get him something on this list to help him celebrate the end of his captivity and of course Father’s Day. As usual, every item profiled in this article is something I either use all the time or have personally tested.

Aadland Engineering makes the best riflescope caps. You have the world’s best dad. Get dad some Aadland scope caps.

AADMount – Precision Rifle Scope Caps

Riflescope caps aren’t what they once were it seems. Twenty years ago you could buy inexpensive scope caps that lasted a while. Not anymore. In recent years I’ve broken more scope caps than I care to recall. Well, now you can buy dad the last set of scope caps he will ever need, at least for one scope anyway. Aadland Engineering makes scope caps that are tough and ready for abuse – so tough they are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You may return them at any time for any reason for a full refund. If you break them – even if it’s your fault – they will replace them for free. You don’t even have to be the original owner. Aadmount caps are also very lightweight, and they stay tightly closed. I’ve used these for years and have yet to break one. They are pricey but well worth it for protecting expensive glass. Available for most precision scopes, these American-made scope caps run $99.95.

Dad likes to read real books. Get him Scars and Stripes by Tim Kennedy and Nick Palmisciano.

Scars and Stripes

Let’s face it. Your dad is a badass. And men like your dad enjoy reading books about other badasses. Just in time for Father’s Day is this newly released book by Tim Kennedy and Nick Palmisciano. Tim is the ultimate badass. He won the Army Combatives tournament three times and has fought in UFC main events. He has killed evil men as a Green Beret and brought the fight directly to the Taliban and Al Qaeda. He has hunted drug runners, poachers, and human traffickers. He also beat the crap out of Michael Bisping. Tim has done about every dangerous job there is out there. Nick Palmisciano graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point and then served as an infantry Captain for six years. A grappler himself, Nick has been Tim’s cornerman for all of his MMA fights. Nick is also a successful entrepreneur. Scars and Stripes offers a candid look into Tim’s remarkable life, the extreme circumstances that tried (and failed) to kill him, and Tim’s struggle with himself. Right now you can pre-order a Scars and Stripes bundle from Nick’s company RangerUp for $50 (autographed book + exclusive Tim Kennedy tee shirt), or you can do what I did and buy the book on Amazon on sale for $19.48.

Fix It Sticks are proven winners. Now there is a ratcheting version for work in tight places.

Fix It Sticks – Compact Ratcheting Multitool

Dad may well already have some Fix It Sticks – the compact and super portable torque wrench kit for things like scope rings and mounts. If he does, he has good taste and he will want the new offering from Fix It Sticks – the Compact Ratcheting Multitool. As the name suggests, this new version features a reversible ratcheting mechanism much like a socket wrench. Any quarter-inch driver will fit into the magnetic sockets of the Ratcheting Multitool. The ratcheting end has a locking collar that keeps the driver in place. The kit comes in a rubber molded bracket so you can throw the whole thing in a range bag, go bag, or whatever. Torque limiters (preset torque segments) from Fix It Sticks also fit in the Ratcheting Multitool and may be purchased in popular settings such as 25-inch pounds for scope rings. Attachments included in the kit: Mini Pry Bar, several hex drivers (3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 5/64, 5/32, 3/32), several Torx drivers (T6, T8, T10, T15, T20, T25), and some screwdriver bits (slotted: 5mm and Phillips: #1, #2). All of this for $80 from Fix It Sticks.

Dad wants some O’Neill Ops gear.

O’Neill Ops

O’Neill Ops started making the highest quality predator hunting videos before YouTube was a thing. Their videos aren’t just good coyote videos, they are works of art with ultra-high quality footage, professional editing, and perfect music tracks. If dad hunts predators, he knows who James O’Neill is and if he doesn’t know he wants to but just doesn’t know he wants to know. Help dad out. Email him a link to the O’Neill Ops YouTube channel and buy him an O’Neill Ops hoodie (from $42.95) or one of their other items like the Pound More Fur tee shirt (from $24.95).

The Bushnell Prime 1700 LRF is compact, lightweight, and accurate.

Bushnell Prime LRF 1700

If dad doesn’t have a laser rangefinder then get him the Bushnell Prime LRF 1700. If he has a rangefinder then get him another one because there’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination to do some long-range shooting only to realize you forgot your rangefinder. The 1700 is lightweight and small enough to fit into any range bag pocket or even a shirt pocket. This unit is packed with features and at $209.99 it won’t break the bank either (I’ve also seen them on sale for $169.99). There is an Angle Compensating mode as well as holdover calculations for popular cartridges. The fully multi-coated glass optics provide a bright viewing experience. In the field the LRF 1700 performed well, giving accurate ranges from 18 yards to 1300 yards in my neighborhood. In the forested ground I use occasionally for target practice it also performed well. The display is black and quickly gives data on distance and angle. The eyepiece is adjustable, which is likely becoming more important to dad as he ages.

The Vault LRF pack (sold separately) is shown mounted to the front of the Vault chest pack (left), main compartment opens away from user (center), and comfortable straps are adjustable for cold or warm weather hunting (right).

Bushnell Vault Chest Pack

Dad may not know it, but he wants a chest rig. For many years while coyote hunting I have been using chest rigs – and no I don’t mean a plate carrier. A chest pack is a great way to keep essentials handy – rangefinders, binoculars, calls, electronic caller remote, etc. My utility test for chest rigs goes as follows: fit, comfort, stealth, storage, and cost. First, it must fit well and not flop around. Next, it has to be comfortable, or you won’t use it. Third, it must be quiet in the field, or you will burn it the first time you brush against it and the noise spooks something. Storage capacity matters or else why not just use your pockets? Finally, there is cost. The Bushnell Vault chest rig checks all the boxes, with easily adjustable straps, a comfortable cool mesh back panel, and a padded cool mesh pocket/pad next to the chest. The fabric is quiet inside and out, and the main compartment silently opens and shuts with a magnetic hold. Small mesh pockets on the side are perfect for hand calls and other small items. Storage is more than adequate as the Vault holds up to a 12×50 set of binoculars. Finally, the Vault only costs $69.99, so it meets the cost criteria as well.

The Vault laser rangefinder pouch mounts left, right, or front of the Vault chest pack.

An optional additional Vault LRF pouch may be purchased and attached to the front or either side of the unit to hold a range finder. This pouch comes with an accordion-style elastic bungee to secure the range finder, and it uses a magnetic clasp like the Vault on the main compartment. The Vault LRF pouch is $29.99.

The 5.11 Overwatch front pockets have loops/Molle for patches or attaching more pouches (left). The Overwatch protects your laptop and can conceal other items as well (right).

5.11 Overwatch Briefcase

If your dad has an office job he has either returned to the office or soon will be. Send him there in style with the 5.11 Overwatch Briefcase. If he has an office job he certainly won’t be doing actual overwatch duties, but at least he will have a great briefcase with a cool name. The Overwatch has a padded compartment that handles up to a 15-inch laptop. In that same pocket, you can also store a notepad. The main pocket has two zippered mesh pockets and two hook and loop pockets in addition to the main pocket. There is also a water bottle pocket in the main storage area that doubles as a place to stash your sunglasses or other glasses. On the outside are two loop/MOLLE-covered zippered pockets for admin or other items. Opposite the MOLLE pockets is a luggage handle pass-through. I’ve used the Overwatch Briefcase for a few months now and it works very well. There is also a removable padded shoulder strap and grab handle. On top of all of this, there is a set of backpack straps tucked inside the back panel. $92 in either black or kangaroo.

What dad won’t want a 99 Cans of Beer shirt?

5.11 99 Cans of Beer Shirt

Hopefully you bought dad some good beer for Father’s Day, but what will he wear while enjoying his tasty beverage? If he’s lucky enough you will get him a 99 Cans of Beer shirt from 5.11. Made of ultralight polyester this Dad Fashion Statement is also functional. Snap closure front with dual chest pockets and pen guides, this shirt is ready to party. As of the time of this writing, the 99 Cans of Beer shirt is on sale for $39.49 and is available in Pacific (red/white/blue pattern) or Tundra (green pattern).

The 5.11 Range Ready Trainer bag holds more than you will want to carry.

5.11 Range Ready Trainer Bag

If dad is smart, and he is, he has been buying ammo and he is ready to hit the range. Send him there with the new Range Ready Trainer bag from 5.11. The zippered main compartment opens wide so dad won’t have to dig around to find what’s in his range bag. This bag is made of 600D polyester and is fully padded all the way around. With over 3000 cubic inches of space, it will hold all that dad can carry. The included dividers may be repositioned for different load-outs. The end pocket has elastic keepers inside for AR mags or similar items as well as two small admin pockets. The front of the main compartment has pockets for six AR mags and six pistol mags. In the back, there are two large pockets for ear pro or the like. The padded shoulder strap is removable, and the front has a large loop area for patches. $145 in black or kangaroo.

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About the author:
Steve Gaspar has been writing for gun and hunting publications for over 20 years. He is an avid hunter, staunch 2A supporter, and occasional 3-gun competitor. His favorite outdoor activities are calling predators and shooting suppressed rifles.

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