On June 13, 1777, Marquis de Lafayette landed in the United States.


On June 13, 1777, Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette landed in the fledgling United States.

Here comes the back-stabbing “compromise” that I warned you about!  Senate Group Reaches Bipartisan Compromise on Gun Control Bill. Please contact both of your state’s U.S. Senators and ask them to vote against this legislation package. We should remind them that RedFlag/ERPO laws are unconstitutional and unacceptable. The Federal government should not be funding them!

One week left! We are continuing our summer sale, at Elk Creek Company. We’ve reduced the prices on all of our percussion replica guns, and nearly all of our pre-1899 cartridge guns. With the recent dip in the spot price of silver, we’ve dropped our pre-1965 silver price multiplier to just 21.4 times face value. So this is a great time to buy antique guns with silver or by check. Note that we have our prices listed in both pre-1965 silver coinage and in current rapidly-inflating Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs.) The last day of the sale will be Monday, June 20th. Our small inventory is selling rapidly, so order soon!

Today’s feature article is a review written by our new Field Gear Editor Thomas Christianson. Note that Pat Cascio plans to continue to serve as our Field Gear Editor Emeritus, posting review articles less frequently, for several years.

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