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Silencer Shop Gets ATF Approval for Remote eForm 4 Completion

Jeremy S. for TTAG

From Silencer Shop . . .

Silencer Shop, the nation’s largest NFA distributor, is pleased to announce an improvement to the ATF eForm 4 submission process. Until recently, ATF required Individual registrants to complete the eForm 4 “while physically present” at the dealer. Silencer Shop has been in communication with ATF and working hard to remove that instruction. This month, ATF confirmed in writing to Silencer Shop that the instruction would be removed and last week, it was officially deleted. This will significantly streamline the ATF eForm 4 submission process by allowing Individual registrants to certify remotely, rather than having to travel to the dealer’s location.

“A positive experience for the 2A community is our #1 priority,” said Dave Matheny, CEO of Silencer Shop, from the company’s headquarters in Austin, TX. He went on to say, “Suppressors, SBRs: Silencer Shop can facilitate eForm 4s for everything on the NFA and multiple times a day, people talk about how our kiosk makes the process easy. But one thing that they’ve wanted to change is the mandate from the ATF that filing as an Individual requires the consumer to go to the dealer’s place of business and physically complete the application in person. To save this effort for firearms owners throughout the country, we’ve advocated to the ATF to allow these individuals to certify their eForm 4 remotely. The bureau agreed and now stamp collectors can certify their application the same way they order the items on our site: from the comfort of their own home.”

eForm 4s Powered by Silencer Shop have been approved within the expected 90-day window set forth by the ATF, with expediting processing being approved in as quickly as 2 days. With the latest step forward for eForm 4 processing, Individual registrants join applicants filing as a Trust or Corporation with access to remote certification.

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