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Home State Blowback: John Cornyn is Loudly Booed at the Texas Republican Convention Over His Gun Control ‘Compromise’

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

As we’ve been covering here at The Truth About Guns, there’s an effort afoot by a group of Senate Republicans to give Second Amendment opponents something they dearly want: more gun control laws (and a rare election year win). Not only did they apparently make no effort to get anything in return for their “compromise,” but they don’t seem to understand that giving in to Senate Democrats is the wrong move if they care about the long term security of our rights.

The leader in this “negotiation” effort for the GOP in the Senate was Texas’s John Cornyn.

It would appear that Texas voters (you know, the people who keep sending Cornyn back to the Washington) are on board with our assessment of the deal he agreed to, and they aren’t happy with him. At all.

At the Republican Party of Texas convention in Houston this week, the Senator’s speech, was interrupted, from beginning to end, by the boos of the crowd. While he made every effort to tell the crowd exactly what they wanted to hear, his recent actions to jeopardize our gun rights, probably so that he can become the next leader of the Republicans in the Senate spoke too loudly for anyone to hear anything he was saying about “taking America back.”

Here’s another angle that captured the intensity of the crowd’s reaction . . .


From the Houston Chronicle . . .

Before he could get a word in at the state Republican Party convention in Houston, the veteran senator was nearly shouted off the stage from the room of more than 8,000 party loyalists. It continued during much of his nearly 20-minute speech.

“No gun control!” the crowd jeered, even as Cornyn reiterated popular Republican talking points. When he promised the party would vote out President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, audience members shouted back, “You too!”

Convention attendees didn’t even want to be seen with Cornyn lanyards around their necks.

And it wasn’t just the party faithful who expressed their dislike for Cornyn’s latest legislative achievement. The party’s platform committee adopted a resolution officially opposing the “gang of 20 gun control bill,” a clear rebuke of Cornyn.

Texas’s other senator, Ted Cruz, has been skeptical of the deal, but he’s taken the same stance as the NRA and other gun right orgs so far — waiting to see the actual language of the bill when it’s written.

“It’s going to depend on the details, and I’m going to wait to see what specifically they put out,” Cruz said earlier this week. “When it comes to protecting our constitutional rights, the details matter, the legislative text matters.”

Cornyn was defiant after nearly being booed off the stage.

No matter what he thinks of his constituents or the names he calls them, a quick look at Cornyn’s social media accounts makes it pretty clear that the beatings from constituents will continue until his stance on gun control improves. If ever.

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