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Florida Woman Uses Firearm to Repel Violent Carjacker

(Photo: Alachua County Sheriff)

On Wednesday, June 1st, at about 5:30 pm, Alachua County deputies responded to a call involving an attempted robbery.

The caller was a woman living at the 22000 block of NW 14th Terrace in Brooker. She was watering her garden when a man approached and demanded that she give him her car.

The suspect was described as an “older white male, wearing a green hat, white shirt, and tan pants,” according to the Alachua County Sheriff’s office.

The perp told the woman that he had a gun. The confrontation turned physical, and the two fought over the keys to the car. During the struggle, the woman was able to retrieve her firearm and shoot at the suspect.

The would-be carjacker dropped the keys and took off running.

An extensive search of the area took place, but the suspect was not located. The nearby County of Bradford was also notified of the incident and the suspect’s description.

The next day, Thursday, June 2nd, detectives were contacted by Bradford County Sheriff’s deputies about a robbery and carjacking in Brooker.

According to a local resident of Bradford county, Duey Deacon, the suspect walked into a Dollar General, stole about $200 from the cash register, and then demanded the keys to the cashier’s car and drove off in it.

Thankfully, no one was harmed. Alachua County detectives identified the suspect as 56-year-old Larry S. Dupree, of Glen St. Mary, Florida. Dupree has been charged with robbery and grand theft in Bradford County.

After the robbery, Dupree fled to the nearby County of Wakulla and was arrested by the Wakulla County Sheriff’s office.

According to a WCSO press release, the Wakulla County sheriff’s office had been notified that Dupree, a wanted man with alleged connections to a variety of violent crimes, had been in Wakulla County for about 30 minutes.

Dupree is currently being held in Wakulla County for warrants from Bradford County and Alachua County.

He is being charged in Alachua County with “Attempted Grand Theft of a Motor Vehicle, Robbery by Sudden Snatching with a Firearm or Deadly Weapon, False Imprisonment and Burglary with Assault or Battery”, according to the Alachua County Sheriff’s office.

The bond on the Alachua County Charges has been set at $200,000.

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