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Germany’s Feldjägers Hunting Tangos -The Firearm Blog

Photo Of The Day: We’re finding ourselves in the middle of the action as the Feldjägers of the German Bundeswehr arrest a “Tango” as he’s trying to get away in his vehicle. At least the Tango was wearing his seatbelt.

Photo: Bundeswehr / Sebastian Wilke

Below: A search squad sneaks into a building to arrest a wanted criminal. Tightly pressed together, the forces stalk through the corridors.

“Kock knock, anybody home?”

According to the source, the operators wear around 22 kilograms of special equipment, like the ram, armored shield and sometimes a K9 dog.

The Tango has been secured, identified and arrested. In the next step, evidence can be secured for use in court.

The Heckler & Koch G36 in action, with excellent trigger control.

The goal of TFB’s Photo Of The Day is to give your eyes something worth watching, and your brain something to think about every day. Over the years we have shown firearms and soldiers from North to South, East to West in almost any imaginable situation and climate. Who knows what we’ll show tomorrow? It’s all hidden in darkness, but it will be worth your time so please check back on a regular basis.

Photo source: German Bundeswehr / Sebastian Wilke,

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