Navy Training on how to Use Proper Pronouns and Safe Spaces instead of Fighting Wars


As a follow-up to our article earlier in the week on how democrats were trying to destroy military morale, purge patriots and create an army of social justice warriors, we have now learned that the U.S. Navy is now training its members to create a “safe space” by using proper gender pronouns in a new instructional video modeled after a children’s show.

The Navy, once the branch that proudly created some of the most elite warriors in the world, has shifted its focus from creating Navy Seals to creating safe spaces for mentally ill people to regender themselves and force people into calling them by some bizarre set of pronouns.

You really can’t make this shit up!

“Hi! My name is Jony, and I use he/him pronouns,” Naval Undersea Warfare Center engineer Jony Rozon, who sports a rainbow-colored t-shirt, states in the video’s opening.

The official training video is meant to emphasize “the importance of using correct pronouns as well as polite etiquette when you may not be sure of someone’s pronouns,” according to the Navy, which late last month published the video online. The Defense Visual Information Distribution Service touts the footage as an “official U.S. Navy video” posted by Air Force staff sergeant John Vannucci.

What does this mean for Preppers?

Well, to start, it should scare the hell out of every red-blooded American to know that this is what is being projected around the world. When this is the new face of our fighting forces, do you really think it is going to take long for our enemies to start thinking they can beat us?

We have been taken over from within! They are systematically destroying the defensive capabilities of our country and purging the military of real men and real patriots.

Take the lessons you have hopefully learned over the last two years, and start planning for things to get worse!

The COVID pandemic scam was only the beginning; it was never about a virus, it was always about killing your spirit and killing the American Dream. What’s happening in the military, and what’s happening in our schools is the next phase of the destruction!

Short-term Threats you should be ready for:

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