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With primers, powder, and brass starting to show back up on shelves in greater numbers and at more reasonable prices, people are itching to fire their reloaded presses back up. Reloading often starts with depriming your spent cases also known as “decapping.” A lot of people usually just do this on a press but that often ties them to a bench and it can be a pretty tedious task. Another method is using a hand-held deprimer and the folks from Timber Creek Outdoors are happy to be the exclusive U.S. Distributor of the new hand-held Harvey Deprimer.

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The New Harvey Deprimer Universal Hand-Held Deprimer

The New Harvey Deprimer Universal Hand-Held Deprimer

Universal Hand-Held Deprimer. Machined from 6061 grade aluminum with a black anodized finish.

Comes with 0.06″ Universal Pin and 0.07″ Standard Pin

Free shipping on orders in the USA

0.07″ Standard Pin
Recommended for military crimped cases, specifically older (1940-1960) cases that also have a waterproof seal. Made from hardened steel. 0.069″ in diameter.

0.06″ Universal Pin
Fits most modern cases, including Lapua cases with a narrow flash hole. Not recommended for military crimped cases. Made from hardened steel. 0.059” in diameter.

The Harvey Deprimer works very similarly to other hand-held deprimers but does away with a lot of features that other deprimers have and instead uses a tool-free, hassle-free design that still gets the job done. The Harvey Deprimer uses no dies, or shell holders and it drops primers right out of the bottom of the deprimer and directly into the trash or other disposal container.

The New Harvey Deprimer Universal Hand-Held Deprimer

The all-aluminum Harvey Deprimer is sold either directly from the Harvey Deprimer website or from Timber Creek Outdoors for a price of $69.95 and comes standard in anodized black, with both decapping pins. Let us know your thoughts on this deprimer down in the comments. Would this be an upgrade over your bench mounted or other handheld deprimer?

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