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Filing an eForm 4 with Silencer Central – My Experience Part 1

By now many of you have heard of Silencer Central and know that they have a unique way of selling suppressors where they help you do the paperwork electronically and then ship the suppressor to your door once you’re approved and have passed the background checks. Even though I knew they had a system nailed down for selling suppressors, I didn’t really know how easy it would actually turn out to be to buy one. Now that I’ve personally done it, I can honestly say that I’m super impressed with how they do things. I never want to buy a suppressor any other way. This is a review of the suppressor buying process through Silencer Central. 

Silencer Central attends many different trade shows. I saw them at SCI, the Northwest Sportsmans Expo in SLC, and most recently at the NRA show. They have a booth and a full team of people at each of these events. You can see the list of upcoming events here. You don’t have to buy one at an expo, but that’s what I’m covering today.

The first step is to speak with one of their sales team. I have spoken with several and they have been pleasant, professional, knowledgeable, and not too pushy. I’ve also spoken with them on the phone and had a similar experience. I knew beforehand that I wanted to try their 30 caliber Banish suppressor (it works on everything 30 cal and smaller) and their 223 Banish suppressor as I shoot a lot of AR-15s. The 223 Banish will technically work with .22 rimfires because you can take the Banish suppressors apart and clean them.

Once you’ve decided what you want to purchase, you go get in line to give them your information. They hold your hand all the way through this process and are knowledgeable, efficient, and very nice. They give you an electronic tablet and you fill out a questionnaire with your personal information (this takes 2-5 minutes). This information is used to electronically generate your application and gun trust.

Next, you get in line for a passport-style photo and digital fingerprinting. If the line is long, you can come back at a later time but I only had to wait about 5 minutes. After this was done I received the following text message:

Text message after doing your photo and fingerprints.

Next, you pay. You can pay with cash or card or set up a payment plan where Silencer Central finances you. If you do the financing, it’s a no-interest payment plan that spreads the cost over several months while you wait on the ATF to approve you.

You’ll receive an email from Silencer Central instructing you to visit the ATF eForm site where the ATF assigns you a username and you set a password and pin number. (see image below)

Example of email from Silencer Central

You’ll receive an email requesting you to sign digitally. You click the link and it will open all the documents for you to review and sign digitally. Everything is filled out already. It’s super easy.

The email you’ll receive to review and sign your documents.

A few days later, you’ll receive this text and an email:

Text message from SIlencer Central

The email contains a link to a Calendar where you can schedule the phone call to make your submission. 

The email with link to schedule your phone call.

The calendar had a ton of options available and it schedules the call in your time zone. 

You’ll receive an email confirming the time you scheduled.

At the time you schedule you’ll receive a phone call from Silencer Central. It’s ideal if you can be on a computer while you talk to them on the phone, but I guess it’s possible to do it on a tablet or smartphone.

Suppressors Delivered to Your Door
One call, does it all. Select your suppressor, create your trust, fit your gun, deliver to your doorstep. Silencer Central – Simple, Smart, Easy! Call 888-781-8778 or visit https://www.silencercentral.com/about-us/

While you’re on the phone with Silencer Central they log in to their account with the ATF to submit your Form 4 for you. They ask you to verify that the information looks correct by sharing their screen. Before they submit, they share their screen with you on your computer or smartphone and you put in your username and pin #. They never see your pin or log in to your account. They’ve already done all the backend work with the gun trust, fingerprints, law enforcement, and suppressor information. They submit while you’re on the phone and watching their screen. You see a screen pop up like this with an application number.

The screen shared by Silencer Central to my computer allowing me to watch the ATF site tell us that the application was successfully submitted.

You can apparently do the submission and phone call over your smartphone, but it’s easier if you have a phone and a computer. 

The Silencer Central rep was very nice and patient with me as I had a lot of questions. I was seriously impressed with how easy it was. I’ve filed an eForm 1 in the past and it was a giant pain in the butt. The ATF’s website is anything but easy to use and I kept getting errors and having issues. Compared to that this was a dream. I’d do this again in a heartbeat. Now I just have to wait. It will be interesting to see how many days it takes. Once approved, I’ll do part two of this review, detailing what it’s like to receive the suppressors in the mail and cover how many days it takes, what communications I receive, and whatever else that’s relevant to this process.

About the author:
True Pearce is the Managing Editor at GunsAmerica. He’s a competitive shooter, hunter, instructor & attorney. You can see and follow his adventures on Instagram. @true1911 https://www.instagram.com/true1911/

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