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New Laser Defender Technology Launched by GATORZ EyewearThe Firearm Blog

Eye protection from high-powered lasers is a safety aspect a lot of people look over. While most of us aren’t getting blasted daily with unsafe wavelengths and intensities of light, law enforcement, military, industrial workers, and those who like to train with night vision sometimes are. Gatorz Eyewear wants to help fill the gap that exists within the eye protection world with their new Laser Defender Technology which will be made available first with their Magnum and Specter frames.

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New Laser Defender Technology Launched by GatorzEyewear

New Laser Defender Technology Launched by GatorzEyewear

Having good eye protection has been a staple for our military and active shooters alike for a long time, but not until recently has laser protection become a dire need for law enforcement and other professionals that are likely to have encounters with errant laser wavelengths.
Designed to protect eyes from harmful laser wavelengths, the Gatorz Laser Defender lenses are the perfect tool for law enforcement, pilots and anyone who can be subject to damaging laser strikes.

Available in popular ANSI Z87.1/MILSPEC Ballistic rated Magnum and Specter frames, this new technology took Gatorz’ high-impact resistant polycarbonate lens, and infused a special light-absorbing dye that is treated to block out the most common, and the most harmful laser light wavelengths. Understanding that there are multiple types of lasers with different wavelength variations, Gatorz has designed four different lens options to cover most needs.

New Laser Defender Technology Launched by GatorzEyewear

In total there will be four new models of Gatorz Laser Defender lenses added to the lineup. These lenses will be available in a daytime lens configuration that has a 23% VLT (visible light transmission), a low-light lens with 40% VLT, an Infrared lens with 51% VLT, and a low-light photochromic lens that can shift between 40% VLT and 12% VLT depending on ambient or direct light exposure. These four lenses should provide comprehensive coverage for large variations of laser wavelengths including blue, red, green, violet, and invisible infrared like you would be exposed to from an IR aiming or flood device.

New Laser Defender Technology Launched by GatorzEyewear

The new lenses paired with your choice of either Specter or Magnum frames start pricing at $285 and up to $325 for the IR, and Specter Low Light lens. Each pair of Laser Defender glasses features specific wavelengths that it can protect your eyes from and they are each individually listed on the Gatorz website. Is laser exposure something you’ve ever considered when it comes to eye protection when it comes to shooting? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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