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A batch of fully functional French FR F2 sniper rifles has recently been imported into the United States by Navy Arms, and are available through, and Navy Arms’ affiliate, Old Western Scrounger. The less than traditional-looking French FR F2 rifles were all decommissioned by France and have seen some use, so the prices will vary if you check out Old Western Scrounger’s website, whereas EuroOptic’s lot has a fixed price. The FR F2 is the 7.62x51mm version of France’s FR F1 sniper rifle designed for the 7.5x54mm French cartridge, and the F2 features a thermal sleeve that was designed to reduce mirage for the shooter and heat signature from the enemy. Let’s take a look at the fresh importation of French FR F2 rifles.

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French FR F2 Sniper Rifles Imported to the US

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The following text is from EuroOptic‘s listing:

The FR F2 Sniper Rifle was first pressed into service in 1986 to meet the French military’s demands for a precision rifle that could accurately strike targets at ranges up to 800 meters. The FR F2 began as the FR F1, which was then redesigned and re-barreled to accept the 7.62x51mm cartridge when France began using standard NATO ammunition. Both versions were built from the ground up as a Squad Sniper Rifle rather than a Designated Marksman Rifle, with a large emphasis placed on first round accuracy instead of repeated sustained fire.

Mechanically, the FR F2’s action is identical to the French military’s primary rifle of WWII, the MAS-36. The bolt utilizes dual rear locking lugs, a sizable flat spring extractor, and a fixed ejector – this elegantly simple configuration makes disassembly/assembly quick and easy, and ensures utmost reliability even in harsh conditions. To promote superior accuracy, the FR F2 employs a free floating barrel which is topped with a proprietary muzzle device that can be finely tuned to the user’s preference. One of the FR F2’s more notable features is a distinctive thermal shield that covers the barrel and part of the receiver. This was specifically chosen to conceal the weapon from night vision and thermal devices that would otherwise detect the heat generated from firing multiple shots. The thermal shield is also used to alleviate the mirage caused from heat dissipating off the barrel. The FR F2 also includes a unique integrated bipod, which attaches to the rifle by a sleeve that sits over the barrel. This bipod structure allows the rifle to effectively “hang” from the bipod instead of “sitting” on the bipod, and allows for some degree of swivel movement. Other features of the FR F2 include a wide, flat bottomed surface on the handguard, allowing the rifle to be braced on a surface. All FR F2 rifles sold by EuroOptic are decommissioned models used by the French government, and may show some signs of wear but are 100% fully functional.

French FR F2 Sniper Rifles Imported to the US

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The French FR F2 sniper rifles from Old Western Scrounger ( are hand-selected with a price range of $4,095 to $9,795, or even a pair of consecutive serial numbered models for $17,500. It should also be noted that the lower-priced rifles may not come with the Picatinny optic mount, so if you pull the trigger on one, make sure you’re aware of whether it’s included or not. The FR F2 rifles from EuroOptic are listed for $7995, and each still includes the scope mount. EuroOptic‘s specifications follow.

  • Caliber:  .308 Win/7.62×51 NATO
  • Weight:   Approximately 11 lbs
  • Rifle Overall Length:   45.5 inches
  • Action:   Bolt Action
  • Safety:   2-position switch in trigger guard
  • Rifle Barrel Length:   24 inches
  • Rifle Stock:   Wood stock with wood pistol grip
  • Scope Mount:   Picatinny scope mount included
  • Magazines Included:   (2) 10 round magazines
  • Iron Sights   Yes
  • Caliber or Gauge:   .308 Win
  • Handedness   Right Hand
  • Item Condition   New
  • Product Type   Rifles
French FR F2 Sniper Rifles Imported to the United States

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The importer, Navy Arms has a great gallery of the FR F2 rifles in action. You can check out the FR F2 rifles from Old Western Scrounger at, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Otherwise, you can check out the models that has for sale, or follow them on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

What do you think about the new batch of imported FR F2 sniper rifles? Are you tempted to grab one?

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