Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Roe v. Wade to be used to Loot, Rob, and Kill

Last night, violent mobs of leftwing radicals kicked off what they are calling the summer of revenge as they attacked innocent people and rioted throughout the country. While the mainstream media refuses to cover what is really happening because then they would have to admit who the real insurrectionists are, leftwing radicals took to the streets blocking highways, destroying businesses, and attacking innocent citizens.

In Washington D.C., leftists threatened to burn down the Supreme Court building and start killing Supreme Court Justices.

Down the street they marched through the streets harassing people out trying to have a meal with their friends and families.

In Los Angeles, rioters once again blocked highways and attack motorists who were simply trying to get home from work.

In Cedar Rapids, Leftists attempted to attack motorists. As usual, the communists in the mainstream media are trying to defend these nutjobs, claiming that blocking roads and attacking a man is somehow justified and peaceful protesting.

In Seattle, leftists marched through the streets destroying local businesses and smashing glass.

In Phoenix, Arizona violent mobs tried to storm and take over the capitol building, not shockingly there is no 24/7 coverage of this insurrection!

Police eventually dispersed the mob by firing tear gas at the rioters.

In Dallas, Texas they decided to just show how truly mentally ill they all really are!

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