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WWSD 2020 With Russel and KarlThe Firearm Blog

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About a week ago, you guys got to read my take on the WWSD 2020 rifle. Love it or hate it, the rifle has generated quite the buzz in the firearms community over the last couple of years and I thought it might be prudent to bring the designers of the WWSD and KP-15 projects on the TFB Podcast to explain the story from the start of the project to where we find ourselves today. Karl and Russel graciously agreed once again to come on the TFB Podcast and lend us their time to hopefully answer some of your nagging questions about the KP-15 and WWSD 2020 rifle.

Podcasts @ TFB:

TFB B-Side Podcast: WWSD 2020 With Russel and Karl

TFB B-Side Podcast: WWSD 2020 With Russel and Karl

TFB B-Side Podcast: WWSD 2020 With Russel and Karl

In today’s episode we bring back Karl Kasarda of InRangeTV and Russell Phagan of KE Arms to talk about the WWSD 2020 rifle project. The WWSD 2020 has quite the tale in terms of how it came to be one of Brownells’ best selling rifles. Like many projects, it started out as just an idea but quickly grew to become something much more than that. Today both Karl and Russel explain the how the WWSD 2020 came to be the way it is, how KE Arms became involved in the project, and where KE Arms and the WWSD project are headed in the future. Please welcome once again, Russell and Karl to the program.

TFB B-Side Podcast: WWSD 2020 With Russel and Karl

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