The most anticipated cellular trail camera of the year is now available and poised to help SPYPOINT customers have their best season ever. Anticipation has been high among retailers and customers since the FLEX was announced at the ATA show in Louisville in January. By addressing common pain points identified by cellular trail camera users from all brands, adding in premium features, and doing so while maintaining the affordability that has been a hallmark for SPYPOINT, the FLEX is ready to become the next in a long line of industry-leading cellular trail cameras.

“There are so many features our customers are excited about with the FLEX, it’s tough to say what is driving the early interest, but the unique dual-sim configuration that allows it to connect to whichever cellular network provides the best, most reliable signal is certainly a major development that our customers were happy to see,” said Alexandre McElhaw General Manager at SPYPOINT.

“The optimized antenna is really what makes the FLEX go. The 33-megapixel photos and1080p videos are great, but it’s how reliable the connectivity and transmission are, that’s what really makes it stand out,” he added.

Those videos will also be available to be transmitted to the SPYPOINT app and will appear in the gallery as an animated preview, after which users can request the full-length HD version which will be sent to the app and replace the preview. Every SPYPOINT customer that activates their first new FLEX will receive five free FULL-HD Video Requests in their account. This will give users the chance to test out the new feature and see how the process works. Additionally, the free photo transmission plan that has set SPYPOINT apart for so many years is still available with the arrival of the FLEX.

The new and unique dual-sim configuration of the FLEX includes two preinstalled and preactivated SIM cards. This allows the FLEX to connect to the best cellular network available, without the user having to select a specific carrier model. The camera automatically selects the best, most reliable network, and if over time the best network changes, the FLEX will automatically make that change as well. The user never has to do any manual process to ensure the best network is being used. The dual-sim setup works with the optimized antenna to make the most of any available signal, and users will certainly notice the enhancement to network connectivity.

Setup is easier than ever thanks to the improved user interface in the new SPYPOINT FLEX. With the push of a button users can format the microSD card right in the camera. Ensuring the camera is taking the photos users want and sending them to the app is simple as well, with the new test button.

Users can leave the woods knowing their camera is working as it should. Keeping the FLEX working at the peak of its powers is simpler than ever as well with remote firmware updates available directly in the SPYPOINT app.

The SPYPOINT app and the FLEX are optimized to work together. The FLEX is GPS-enabled, maximizing the performance and function of the customizable in-app maps. SPYPOINT has always led the way in advanced scouting tools and features that pair with the cameras to make the combination of camera and app the most powerful scouting tool available. More developments are already underway to take that legacy of innovation into the future.

The SPYPOINT FLEX is available in stores across North America and online. To find the location closest to you, visit www.spypoint.com/retailers.

To learn more about all the new SPYPOINT FLEX can do, visit www.spypoint.com/flex.


Trigger Speed Responsive –up to 0.3 seconds

Flash Range 100’

Detection Range 100’

Photo Resolution 33MP

Video 1080p with sound

Modes Photo, Video, Time-Lapse, Time-Lapse+

Network Multi-Carrier LTE auto-connectivity

ABOUT SPYPOINT: SPYPOINT, the #1 cellular trail camera brand in America, revolutionized the hunting industry by making mobile scouting accessible to all. Our reliable, easy-to-use cameras and innovative photo and camera management app with customizable maps, weather, and BUCK TRACKER AI filters, are designed with one goal in mind: to make you a more prepared and efficient hunter. With SPYPOINT you have the entire hunt in the palm of your hand. To learn more about SPYPOINT products and technology visit www.spypoint.com.

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