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Vespa: Even Californians Are Going to Have to Get Used to More Black People Carrying Guns

(AP Photo/Lisa Marie Pane)

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The Left still doesn’t get that the Second Amendment is for everyone. This [LA Times Op-Ed] proves it. Whatever the reason, you have a right to bear arms. Whatever the reason.

And yes, while the liberal media overstates the number of white supremacists and Christian nationalists—I can absolutely empathize with nonwhites wanting to pack heat in the wake of the Buffalo shooting.

Of course, this piece just glosses over the fact that nonwhites and women have been stocking up on arms for the better part of a decade. Women especially have been for obtaining carry permits and participating in shooting sports. And there was a retelling of the law that banned open carry in California in the late 1960s. The Black Panthers roaming the state capitol was cited as the reason.

Look, the whole point of concealed carry is to not draw that kind of attention. You do need to go through safety courses. You do need to go through a background check. This isn’t like signing up for a new credit card.

Blacks are owning guns at an increased rate because that’s their right. Who cares about the reasons behind it? It’s irrelevant.

I have no problems with more nonwhites and women carrying guns. The more gun owners the better—and that’s why the Left is worried. Their base of support for new gun control measures, specifically confiscation, which is their long-term goal, is eroding.

— Matt Vespa in La Times Op-ed: I Don’t Know About All These Blacks Owning Guns

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