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The MasterPiece Arms DS9 Open Pistol -The Firearm Blog

Our Photo Of The Day article series brings together some of the most eye-catching and visually appealing images. You won’t find a lot of pictures of sunsets, flowers or touristic landmarks here, instead we focus on masterpieces like this DS9 Open Competition Pistol. It was designed with a lot of influence from well-known competition shooters like David Lyell and Travis Tomasie.

Below: Note the aggressive texturing on the grip.

The DS9 Open is a 9mm (major) pistol intended to be used in the USPSA Open Division, or for IPSC Open. The red dot is from CMore, but if you want another brand, it can be arranged.

MasterPiece Arms


All parts have been machined from bar stock, in the USA.

So far so good, but we bet you would like to know how much it would set you back. This Open gun is priced from $4,500. You can find a direct link here:

Did you ever shoot an open gun like this? How was it?

All pictures from Masterpiece Arms,

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