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Suspect in Deadly Highland Park July 4th Shooting Reportedly Broke City’s ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

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Hours after murdering six people and wounding dozens more at an Independence Day Parade in Highland Park, Illinois, police arrested the man suspected in the shooting. Twenty-two-year-old Robert Crimo was arrested not far from the location of the attack.

From the AP . . .

Highland Park Police Chief Lou Jogmen said a police officer pulled over Robert E. Crimo III about 5 miles (8 kilometers) north of the shooting scene, several hours after police released the man’s photo and warned that he was likely armed and dangerous. Authorities initially said he was 22, but an FBI bulletin and Crimo’s social media said he was 21.

Police declined to immediately identify Crimo as a suspect but said identifying him as a person of interest, sharing his name and other information publicly was a serious step. …

Highland Park Police Commander Chris O’Neill, the incident commander on scene, said the gunman apparently used a “high-powered rifle” to fire from a spot atop a commercial building where he was “very difficult to see.” He said the rifle was recovered at the scene. Police also found a ladder attached to the building.

Subsequent media reports indicated that Crimo used an AR platform rifle and two 30-round standard magazines. As always in these situations, the “facts” and early reports are frequently filled with errors.

As the torrent of calls for still more gun control continue after this horrific incident, keep in mind that Illinois has a firearm owner licensing (registration) system, a 72-hour waiting period on firearm purchases, a ban on sales of guns to adults under 21 years of age, and the state has had a red flag confiscation law on the books since 2018.

If the reports of the firearm used in the shooting are correct, it should also be noted that the city of Highland Park has its own “assault weapons” ban on the books. So in addition to breaking laws such as armed criminal action, assault with a deadly weapon, and first degree murder, Crimo also broke the city’s law that prohibited him from using the rifle he reportedly used.

We’re anxious to hear which additional laws — over and above those already in place in Highland Park yesterday — gun control advocates will be demanding now.

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