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Polymer80 has announced the option to purchase their complete PFC9 and PFS9 pistols with an optics-ready slide straight from the factory. What’s great about this announcement is that P80 is also announcing that the optics-ready slide option will not come with an increase in price for the option. Polymer80 pistols are popular options on the market for those who want a slightly more affordable option, or who just want to start off with an affordable and reliable pistol they can customize on their own.

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P80 PFC9 and PFS9 Optics Ready Complete Pistols Now Available

P80 PFC9 and PFS9 Optics Ready Complete Pistols Now Available

There’s no doubt that, for most shooters, a red dot sight enables faster target acquisition, greater accuracy, better speed and both-eyes-open target focused shooting – all good things,” said Dan McCalmon, Executive Vice President. “With more and more handgun purchasers looking to add an optic to their pistols, this no-cost upgrade provides them with a quick, easy way to mount a wide variety of optics.

P80 PFC9 and PFS9 Optics Ready Complete Pistols Now Available

The PFC9 and PFS9 offer the user two different sizes depending on their intended goal. The PFS9 Complete pistol is similar in size to a Glock 17 pistol and generally retails for around $500 and the Glock 19-sized PFC9 compact pistols go for around the same price. If you’ve been itching to get into the carry-optics game for either competition or concealed carry purposes, you now have a factory option from Polyme80 that won’t cost you any extra money over what you’d normally pay for the pistol.

Both the Polymer80 PFC9 and PFS9 complete pistols including their new optics-ready options are only available through Poylmer80’s network of brick and mortar and online dealers and distributors. Although no specific optics cut was mentioned in the official press release, it can be assumed that the PFS9 and PFC9 will come standard with an RMR style cut as this has been the standard for independent sales of P80 slides in the past.

P80 PFC9 and PFS9 Optics Ready Complete Pistols Now Available

For more information on ordering or for complete specifications on both the PFC9 and PFS9, you can check out the Polymer80 website here. Let us know what your experiences with Polymer80 pistols and kits have been like and if you’d consider picking one of these up over other optics-ready options currently on the market.

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