Beat Nature at its Own Game with Skeeter Hawk


There have been a number of “solutions” over the years that have been dreamt up to deal with mosquitoes and other pesky insects–many of those ideas centered on smelly, sometimes dangerous chemicals that had limited results.

There’s nothing worse than spending hard-earned dollars in an attempt to rid pests only to end up with a chemical smell and little to no effect on bothersome critters.

This begs the question, what can homeowners do to defeat these annoying, biting bugs in the battle for the backyard?

Skeeter Hawk has the answer – beat nature at its own game

Skeeter Hawk products employ a blend of natural essential oils to repel insects effectively. They are the only wearable repellent wristbands and carabiners utilizing all-essential oils that aren’t dominated by citronella. Their ingredients – geraniol, lemongrass oil, and citronella oil – have proven to be more effective than citronella alone at repelling mosquitoes, and won’t leave the wearer reeking of chemicals.

Skeeter Hawk provides a versatile line of 360ª UV light bug zappers for the patio that attracts mosquitoes, moths and thousands of other flying pests. Once attracted, insects are zapped by the electrical grid, eliminating any swatting and smacking. Skeeter Hawk also has a rechargeable electric fly swatter to deal with those up-close pests.

Skeeter Hawks’ patented LED-based, dual-band UV technology is highly attractive to the vast majority of flying insects, including mosquitoes. Their vertical grid design makes their units cleaner and more efficient than others on the market.

How about the backyard? Skeeter Hawk will protect barbecues and children’s play areas with the Mosquito Bait Stations. The pests are drawn towards the baits by utilizing UV light technology, and the all-natural solution they feed on kills insects before they can breed again. 

Skeeter Hawk also provides a variety of UV light-based, whisper-quiet traps that attract and kill a variety of insects in your backyard, around pools and patios. They can also be used indoors to deal with insects that are infesting smaller spaces.

Lastly, unlike some chemical based pest control solutions out there, Skeeter Hawk’s options are affordable and reusable, with easy-to-use refills available for less than the cost of many competing products.

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About Skeeter Hawk:

Skeeter Hawk is a full line of mosquito flying insect defense products that combine safe, all-natural ingredients with powerful elimination technology to provide effective protection free from harmful chemicals and foul odors. Skeeter Hawk is the only leader in insect defense brands that uses patent-pending dual band LED technology for its UV attractant products. Additionally, Skeeter Hawk’s proprietary repellent formula is the only wearable repellent made of all-natural essential oils that is not dominated by citronella, a combination which has proven to be more effective than citronella alone. Skeeter Hawk is owned by Alliance Sports Group, L.P., a U.S.-based company. Visit us at

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