Gun Tweet of the Day: Make Rifles Great Again [VIDEO]


Albert the serf says, “THis statement goes againstb every statistiuic I’ve ever seenn byb the way, ”

Of course this goes against every statistic you’ve ever seen. You only read the statistics that support your own agenda. That is known as an ‘echo chamber’, where like minded people get together, and echo all their talking points to one another.

I don’t think any individual, or any group, has done more research into firearms use that John Lott.

When you’ve exhausted all the material on Lott’s site, come back with more intelligent comments than the drivel you usually post here.

On the other side, almost, but not all, of the studies gun control advocates have done are fatally flawed, for one reason or another. Worse, gun control advocates (such as Joe Biden) make stuff up that is unsupported by any studies, then all the left wing echoes Joe’s idiotic blurb, then cite each others idiocy as some kind of ‘authoritative’ source.

Read John Lott, learn, and come back for discussion. Anything less than that proves you’re an idiot and a shill.

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