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POTD: Sniper Competition – K4 Arctic Rangers vs Finland -The Firearm Blog

TFB’s Photo Of The Day is where you can discover the world of firearms through a camera lens. Every day we run a new theme, selected pictures a short story and credit to the person behind the lens. Today we have images from the Swedish Norrland Dragoon Regiment, also known as K4. This is a Swedish Army unit specialized in arctic warfare and special operations. Located in the province of Lappland, it was historically a cavalry unit that traces its origins back to the 17th century. This time there were competitors  from the Finnish Kainuu Brigade (see above).

Here is the caption, machine-translated from Swedish from their latest championship in sniping.

Sniper competition with extra everything!
During the week, the Swedish Armed Forces’ sniper competition was held with participants from various Swedish units and the Finnish Kainuu Brigade.
This year, K 4 had the honor of being the host.
There was a three-day challenge with long movements over bogs and mountains to soften the participants properly between the shooting moments – and towards the end, a small surprise was thrown in in the form of a gas moment.
All competitors performed very well and we would like to thank you very much for your participation.
The victory finally went to our own dragoons Berglund and Bladin, congratulated by Captain Jack Tisell, the Armed Forces’ functionary in sniping.
We are extremely proud of our comrades and that we can keep the hiking trophy for another year.

The best guess here is an Ak4 with Spuhr upgrades and Aimpoint red dot and magnifier with a PSG90B (AI AW) in the back.

Source: Swedish Armed Forces. Photos by: Carl Ekbring / Försvarsmakten.

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