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Fried Venison Chuck Wagon Steaks – Bowhunting.Net

What you need:

2lbs ground venison
1 large onion chopped
2 eggs
3 tsp steak seasoning
2 tsp soul seasoning
1/4 cup milk

Place 2 pounds of ground venison in a large mixing bowl. Add one large chopped onion. Then add two eggs and your spices.  If you don’t have soul seasoning you can add any other seasoning that you like.  (Cumin, garlic powder or a little more steak seasoning will work).

After adding your milk, you will need to mix the ingredients thoroughly to spread all the seasonings throughout the venison.  When your venison is all mixed up start making out your patties.  You can make them any size you would like.  I try to make them according to what one person would like to have for one serving.

Optional: Adding bell pepper to your chuck wagon steaks.  Danny and I love them with bell pepper.

A tip that I have learned that works wonders… In the center of your hamburger steaks or burgers make the center thinner than the edges that way you know when the edges are done the center will be done also.


Venison & Chopped Onions
First four are in pan starting to cook
Bottoms are getting brown so it is almost time to turn over
Turned over first four chuck wagon steaks
All six are on the platter
Terri’s Plate: One chuck wagon steak, A1 sauce, Macaroni Shells & Cheese and Asparagus

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