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Back in the 90’s I got the opportunity to move next door to my 1,000 acre Bow’s-Only deer lease. It had, as they say, a pivotal effect on my life. For instance, in one fell swoop I cut the time to cross the cattle guard to my deer hunting lease from 2 to 5 hours down to 3 MINUTES! And I still live there.

It’s miles from the closest paved road — and 3/4 of a mile down the rough; “never has been paved and never will” road I live on …  is the end of road. So the potential is good for this area to have some deer. And it does.

By living down here I’ve definitely learned plenty that I didn’t know about deer. Right now (July) is a very unique time in the lives of whitetail deer. I really like sitting on my front, or back, porch, as daylight creeps through the dark  the woods and I get a pic of the first deer I see. Notice how dark her hocks are.

Here is another deer I took a picture of this morning. Notice her bulging stomach. She is very close to participating in one of the miracles of being a female deer, giving birth to her annual fawn or fawns.

The doe is walking through my front yard and is 20 yards from where I am sitting, Sony camera in hand. In the picture below she pauses to nibble on something in the recently mowed grass.

This doe has a distinctive marking on her face. I have a target 30 yards away and the doe walks by it.

I watched for the opportunity and snapped a picture with her right leg forward and then with the left stepping forward.

Later on I zeroed in on a young doe, I don’t know if the sun is in her eyes or what, but she is really squinting. Woooops. What’s that.

I look away from the camera lense and see an old friend. It’s Mister Happy and he’s taking a break from his mousing duties. Neither on of them gives the other any attention. I adjust the zoom so you can see the black and white guy,

Another doe comes by to the east of my position.

Actually, this is yet another doe. Another bulging belly one.

A handful of other deer come through the area but I wait and watch. Then, this doe shows up to help me finish up mowing.

The last deer I see almost got by me without me seeing her. But not quite.

And if you toss in a cup of hot coffee that is what came down around here. The deer will be back, and so will I. And you’re welcome too.

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