7 Best Hidden Gun Safes for Home [Security & Subterfuge]


There are two schools of thought when it comes to securing firearms.  

The first is to lock them up, and the second is to find a means to hide them. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, and unfortunately, binary thinking has limited us in options for both hiding and securing firearms.

Inside Liberty Home Concealment Clock

Well, until now.

It’s really kind of surprising that up till recently, no one really tried to combine the idea of hiding a gun and locking it up.

So, today we’re going to explore hidden gun safes. We’ll discuss the advantages of hidden gun safes, the types, and the reason for having just one is a good idea.

Summary of Our Top Picks

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Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

Part of the appeal, at least to me, is the secretive nature of hidden and disguised gun safes. 

Hidden gun safes range from built-in wall units to plain-looking furniture, and more traditional safes designed to be stored in hard-to-see areas.

Being able to store a gun behind a mirror in my living room makes me feel like an American James Bond.

James Bond
Is the American James Bond Jason Bourne or Jack Bauer? And why do all these guys have the initials J.B.?


The thing about criminals is that safes draw them in. More than anything, a nice safe is sure to contain treasures criminals would love to get their hands on.  

With enough time and the right tools, no safe is uncrackable. This is where a hidden or a camouflaged gun safe comes in.

Burglar with crowbar

Thieves may be able to crack a safe, but only if they can find it.

Being discreet means being smart.

Not to mention, in some situations, a large and capable safe may not be possible. For example, if you live in an apartment several stories above the ground floor, a large safe may not be an option due to weight restrictions.  

Hidden safes tend to be small and lightweight.

Easy to Reach

If your coffee table is housing a Mossberg 590A1 loaded with eight shots of Federal Flitecontrol buckshot, you have an immediate bad guy cure.

Mossberg Retrograde 590A1
Mossberg Retrograde 590A1

If your door is getting kicked in, you want to be able to respond with extreme prejudice, right?  

A wide variety of hidden gun safes are designed to look like ordinary pieces of household furniture so that they can be stored in plain sight without a second look from guests or criminals.

This also gives you the ability to surreptitiously place firearm storage throughout your home.

Liberty Home Concealment Flag, Open

If you have the funds and the will, you could be in arm’s reach of a firearm, ready for home invaders or zombies.

So, What Are the Downsides?

Hidden gun safes are great, they are a clever way to secure your firearms and have them ready at a moment’s notice.  

That doesn’t mean there aren’t also a few disadvantages to be aware of.

Beware of Fire

Most of these hidden gun safes are not fireproof.

Disaster Girl meme
Disaster Girl knows what I’m talking about.

A coffee table that hides guns is still just a coffee table. This is something to keep in mind, and probably means you should have some form of insurance on your guns.

If It’s Discovered, It’s Gone

A good safe (read big, heavy, and expensive) that’s hard to crack is going to keep a lot of criminals out. They understand they may not have the time to fully crack the safe and move on, smashing and grabbing as they go.

vault door
Good luck

If the thief is smashing and grabbing and happens to break your desk, a clock, or a coffee table holding a gun…that gun is gone.  

Rules to Using Hidden Gun Safes

Keep Your Mouth Shut

OPSEC, a.k.a. Operational Security, is critical for a hidden gun or disguised safe.  

If you start showing and telling friends, then they are bound to talk about it — a Mossberg in a coffee table is kinda cool.  

The more people who know, the more likely it’ll reach the ears of less honest people.

loose lips sink ships propaganda poster

Is it Really Hidden?

Does the supposedly hidden safe stand out? Is there something that makes your concealed gun safe look just a bit too bulky?  

Are the times for the hidden compartment just a little obvious?  Is your clock handgun safe actually set and on display? Consider these things.

511 Tactical Vehicle Ready Hexgrid Seat
Yeah…avoid stuff like this, please.

Also, stay away from things with logos. Nothing says, “There’s a gun here” like “Bob’s Concealment Safes” stamped on the side.

The same goes for any logos featuring guns, knives, or the word tactical. 

With that out of the way…let’s get to the good stuff — safes! 

Best Hidden Gun Safes

1. Tactical Walls 1450M

The 1450M by Tactical Walls, a full-length concealment mirror, is my all-time favorite hidden gun safe.  It makes me feel like a secret agent.

This whole system is recessed into your wall, so installation isn’t the easiest thing.

But it’s like the Predator of hiding guns…blends in seamlessly and is large enough to fit a long gun, handguns, extra ammo, and even a soft armor vest.

It’s got lots of room, with the main compartment being 14’’W x 40”H x 3.5” D, the smaller being 14″W x 10″H x 3.5″D.

You have two options for locks — a traditional lock and key or an RFID device.  

You can add magnets on the inside with the Tactical Walls magnet pack to make sure everything stays secure. These also allow you to store more goods by making the space more efficient.

2. Hollon B1500 In Floor Safe

Looking for an in-floor safe option? Check out the Hollon B1500.

It features a combo dial lock so you don’t have to rely on electronics…especially for a safe where you yourself might even forget!

Plus, it’s UL listed Group 2 to protect against burglary attempts. It’s also 79 pounds, so when it’s properly installed in your floor, it isn’t going anywhere without some serious tools and time.

3. The Gun Clock

I’ve had one of these for a few years now, originally given as a gift. 

Gun clocks are the most affordable option on this list and also the smallest. There are even several different types of gun clocks made in different shapes, but they all do basically the same thing.

They look like a clock, and they hide a gun. Pretty simple, right?  

These are small and don’t look fancy enough to be expensive. The doors on them are seamless and blend well.

Most can hold a full-sized handgun like a 1911, Glock 17, or 4-inch barreled revolver. Mine sits in the living room, out of the way, and in the shadows of some shelves. 

A gun clock is an easy and affordable means for a shooter to stash a gun on a budget.

4. Peacemaker Concealment Clock

We’re also testing this one made by Liberty Home Concealment. 

Liberty Home Concealment Clock
Liberty Home Concealment Clock

Made of solid wood and it’s much better looking than the Gun Clock above (in my opinion), this clock safe comes with many different finishes. 

You can also get it unfinished and paint it yourself!

Painting Liberty Home Concealment Clock
Stain it the way you want!

5. Tactical Traps Wall Shelf

This wall shelf is likely the most concealed option on the list. Even the most thoughtful crook or paranoid thief is not going to think a shelf conceals a gun.  

This wall shelf is a simple and small shelf that has a compartment that opens at the bottom of the shelf.

It blends in perfectly and is really difficult to spot if you’ve never seen one before.  

Not to mention, it measures 46″ x 13.5″ x 5″ which means you can store a long gun, handgun, and some accessories.

6. GunVault SpeedVault

I really miss my Gunvault SpeedVault, but it, unfortunately, got left behind with the massive desk in my last home.

GunVault SpeedVault
GunVault SpeedVault

The SpeedVault isn’t like the camouflage gun safes on this list. Rather, it’s a simple safe designed to be hidden under a desk, table, etc.

It holds a single handgun and is quite compact.  

The SpeedVault has a simple drop-down drawer to present the weapon and ensure that it’s easy and quick to draw. It uses a simple push-button combination to open, or you can use the key override.

The SpeedVault has a built-in courtesy light so that even in the dark, you can see and draw your gun. It’s filled with foam that protects your weapon and keeps it from being scratched, dinged, and abused.

The SpeedVault is absolutely perfect for the home office and can fit on most nightstands. 

What’s your take? Rate it below.

7. Secure It Under Bed Safe

It’s very likely you’re already tucked away in bed when you hear a thump in the night. Secure It Under Bed Safe has got you covered.

Decently weighted at 47 pounds, it nestles under your bed and can store a long gun ready for action should something go bump in the night.

See more under-bed gun safes at Secret Storages.

Final Thoughts

Hidden gun safes are pretty cool and offer a unique perspective on gun storage.

Liberty Home Concealment Clock, Fireplace

As with anything, they do have their downsides, but if you need a convenient way to store your guns in a discreet manner…they work!

What’s your fave hidden storage option? Let us know in the comments below. For more storage options, check out 10 Great Gun Safes for At-Home and On the Go.

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