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Danish International Sniper Competition 2022 -The Firearm Blog

Danish International Sniper Competition 2022

Welcome to TFB’s Photo Of The Day and the Danish International Sniper Competition 2022 (DISC 2022). More than twenty teams competed for the 2022 DISC trophy, and at this point of writing the competition is still ongoing. The teams come from Norway, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, UK, USA and Denmark. This year’s theme was stress management, and as you can see, the weather and winds added to that.

Below: Swedish snipers with the AI AW or PSG90B rifles Glock 17 or Pistol 88 pistols.

The location is the Borris Skydeterræn (Borris Shooting Ranges), a military shooting range owned by the Danish state, and used by the Danish Defence forces for exercises like this.

Denmark is pretty flat, as you can see from the shooting range below.

This looks like the AI AX .50 BMG, suppressed and crammed up in a tight space while engaging long-distance targets.

Another optic by Schmidt & Bender.

The Ak4 (H&K G3), upgraded by Spuhr. I think the optic is a Schmidt & Bender 3-12x PMII.

And the prize for the longest barrel goes to…

Swedish snipers carrying a “wounded”.

There were also moving targets up to 600 metres, with a time limit of course. Did you ever try hitting a moving target at 600 meters? I have and since it can move both left and right, I only clicked for wind and elevation and held for the movement left or right. If I remember correctly, I had to be 3.8 MILs (38 clicks) in advance (caliber 6.5 CM) to be able to hit a fairly small plate.

While performing in front of the others, the team must hit three steel targets within 70 seconds. The event tests the team’s ability on wind calls and corrections, as well as time management.

Source: Danish Snipers, the official page and community for snipers of the Danish Armed Forces and participants of the annual Danish International Sniper Competition.

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