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LBT, aka London Bridge Trading Company, released a new courier bag and the first color is the not-quite-brown-not-quite-gray-but-just-quite-right MAS Gray. It’s $150. That’s a lot for a courier bag, but not a lot for one from an almost Gucci-tier soft good .mil supplier.

Concealed Carry and Range Bags @ TFB:

As someone who a) is not in elementary school and b) has to carry a laptop and files for work, I prefer to use a soft briefcase or messenger bag instead of a backpack. It’s hard to find a pack that meets the sweet spot of “can I put a gun in this and get to it easily without everyone knowing it has a gun in it?” On one side of the spectrum, you have dadcore brands like Thule, Victorinox (are they still in business?) and Eddie Bauer (same question) making responsible bags with pockets for pencils, pens, and Werther’s Originals, and on the other hand, you have the “shoot me first” collection from just about everyone on Amazon:


“Gun? In *this* bag? Why on earth would you think that?”

At present, I have a Mystery Ranch soft briefcase that probably hasn’t been made in years. It does the trick and has a quick access panel with loop material on the inside, allowing me to put whatever Velcro-backed holster I want in it. It’s a nice option to have in addition to on-body carry (or depending on the circumstances, as a substitute therefor).

However, LBT has released a new bag that looks promising, and in one of my favorite tacticolors, although I think it would be better if they canned the faux leather LBT billboard for, prithee, nothing, or maybe it’s covering a 2″x3″ loop patch panel?

From this picture, it appears that LBT’s courier bag includes a shoulder strap and will accommodate a pistol with optic, a MacBook, a small stack of poop, and a magazine about Toyotas.

According to LBT:

General Features

  • 15″ Padded laptop divider w/ hook & loop closure
  • Main compartment flap closes with magnetic latch for easy open/close
  • (2) interior 4″ loop areas for hook accessory attachment
  • Interior admin pocket: 11W x 9H
  • Exterior admin pocket: 13W” narrowing to 7W” x 7H
  • Weather resistant YKK AquaGuard zipper
  • 2″ 1200D ballistic nylon reinforced bottom
  • 1.5″ padded, adjustable, shoulder strap
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs
  • Overall Dims: 16W x 12H x 2.5D

Looks great. (Can computer people tell me if the magnetic latch is an issue if you are still using an old-school HDD instead of an SSD?)

And this is of course right on the heels of LBT releasing the new SiXR six-pack cooler in Rhodie Camo for an unreasonable $87.99. This is a bit of a chicken-or-the-egg problem because you have to get drunk to buy the cooler, but what if you need the cooler to get drunk?

Short shorts and painted FAL not included.

LBT, quit making stuff I want to buy. Just go back to MOLLE vests and nylon duffel bags. My marriage may depend on it.

Will I buy one of the MAS Gray courier bags? Probably. LBT seems to have sales all the time (Bastille Day sale?) so I might not be an early adopter, but it’s got my eye. If anyone picks one up, let me know in the comments.

Find the bag here.

Edited to add that after this article was written but before it was published, LBT listed two more colors: Black (good) and purpose-defeating black Multicam (more like multic’mon). You can guess which is the only one left in stock right now.


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