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The History of Hi-Point with Dave KiwackaThe Firearm Blog

In this episode of the TFB B-Side podcast, we’ve brought on Dave Kiwacka to talk a bit about the history of the Hi-Point Firearms company. Hi-Point is probably most well known for its very affordable firearms. While they may lack the polish and flashiness of higher-priced firearms, what they lack in that department they more than make up for in raw affordability and durability. TFBTV Executive Producer James Reeves has done some pretty extensive reliability and durability tests on both their handguns and carbines and found them to excel in both categories. Many Hi-Point customers out there are still waiting on the much anticipated Yeet Cannon or YC-9 which is set to bring new features, more magazine capacity, and optics capability to the Hi-Point line. Today Dave and I talk a bit about the origin story of Hi-Point Firearms, their ethos as an American company, and where they’re at in terms of progress on the YC-9.

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TFB B-Side Podcast: The History of Hi-Point with Dave Kiwacka

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Hi-Point Firearms is a very well-known company within the firearms community. Hi-Point may not produce the most sophisticated firearm products out there, but they do come in at a very affordable price and a lifetime warranty even if you’re not the first owner of the firearm. Today we have our guest, Creative Director David Kiwacka who comes on the show today to give us a brief history of the Hi-Point Firearms brand, how they came into existence, what their company culture is like, and of course, a status update on the much anticipated Yeet Cannon otherwise known as the YC-9. This new pistol is slated to come out soon according to David but today in the podcast, he explains why there have been delays and what hurdles the company has had to overcome in order to keep the project moving forward. Please welcome Dave to the podcast!

TFB B-Side Podcast: The History of Hi-Point with Dave Kiwacka

All Photos Credit to Dave Kiwacka of Hi-Point Firearms

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