New York Sheriffs: We Don’t Have the Resources To Rifle Through Concealed Carry Applicants’ Social Media Accounts


[New York State Sheriff’s Association Executive Director Peter] Kehoe says some of the gun laws recently signed by the governor go too far, including the social media review requirement.

Starting April 1, concealed carry permit applicants will have to hand over access to their last three years of social media activity.

“In order to exercise your constitutional right to a concealed carry weapon, you must let the government rummage around in all the stuff you’ve ever said to see if there’s anything that we don’t like,” said Kehoe.

Kehoe says agencies don’t have the time or money to enforce this, and he believes it infringes on rights.

He also emphasized that there’s no gauge for what they’re looking for once the accounts are turned over.

When asked if he thinks local law enforcement will look at the social media accounts, Kehoe agreed, saying, “Exactly. So, again it’s putting an impossible burden on law enforcement. They’re telling us that we’ve got to do something that we don’t have the resources to do.”

— Mary Kielar in NYS Sheriff’s Association on Concealed Carry Social Media Review Law: “It’s Wrong” 

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