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I remember Dave Thomas from the Archery Trade Show back in 2009. He had a website named Bow Hunter Planet and he reviewed and talked about Bows, Bowhunting products and Archery Gear. There was competition for that but when I visited his website I was impressed and I felt like Dave would be successful in the bowhunting and archery industry.

Two of the main things about are apparent in this video you’re about to see about the new compound bows. Dave intends to show you what’s up with  all the compound bow companies. Most review sites show you one bow from a handful of companies and and talk forever about each one.

Not Dave, he shows you plenty of bows and from lots of companies. He shoots each bow several times and tells you straight about each one. And Dave has a knack for cutting directly to what is important and he’s not overly wordy about it.

To report on all these bows Dave shot scores of arrows through a bunch of bows. But the way Dave has the videos edited moves along energetically and quickly, what you see and what he says melds together perfectly. Click on the video below.

Dave Thomas shoots a lot of arrows.

And hey, Dave is successful, and he is excellent at the job he does on his website as well as making videos about his reviews and announcements.

Written By Robert Hoague


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