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Bowfishing The Working Class Outdoorsmen Way – Bowhunting.Net

Tim and Sydney Wells meet up with Working Class Outdoorsmen Outfitters and they set the course on Chesapeake Bay in search of some hot bowfishing action. And they find it, big time.

You can tell that Sydney Wells has done this bowfishing thing before. And there is no doubt that she loves it.

The VIDEO is below. You’re one click from watching some very cool people have plenty of fun in the Blue Catfish haunts of Chesapeake Bay. Get ready to see a father and daughter spending time together having great fun in the outdoors. This is for sure cool.

Tim Wells bowfishes with his Oneida bow and below he connects on a big Bluecat.

Here is Tim Wells and one of his several Bluecats.

Written by Robert Hoague


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