Gear Review: The Flux Raider Chassis for SIG P320 Pistols


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What is the Flux Raider? That’s a good question. It’s not a firearm and not exactly a pistol chassis like the Roni. It’s something between a grip module and a pistol chassis designed for the SIG P320 pistols. The Raider comes in SBR and brace variants, and I went with the brace variant. Well, I didn’t. A friend loaned me a Flux Raider and I tossed in my P320C slide to see how it works.

Take note that you need an extended or threaded barrel if you use the P320C slide. I snagged a cheap barrel from Bear Creek Arsenal to make my dreams come true. There’s a lot to cover with the Flux Raider. It’s a feature-filled design that makes your P320 something out of a cyberpunk dystopia novel.

Breaking Down the Flux Raider

The Flux Raider uses your P320 slide and fire control unit. You insert the FCU and install the slide. Installation isn’t hard and doesn’t take long to pop parts in, lock them down, and call it a day. Flux Raider provides a handy video showing how to do it.

The Flux Raider Chassis for SIG P320 Pistols
It’s bigger, but still fairly compact. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

The grip module portion is the full-sized length for SIG P320s, so you have to use 17 or 21-round magazines. Forward of the main grip, you get something that’s not a vertical forward grip. It even says ‘Not a VFG’ right on it (for our friends at the ATF).

That’s because it’s a magazine holder that allows you to carry a spare magazine in the Flux Raider. The Flux Raider also implements a manual, ambidextrous safety positioned right behind the trigger.

The Flux Raider Chassis for SIG P320 Pistols
A manual safety is a bit of a must have on this setup. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

Since the whole outfit doesn’t exactly drop into a holster, the manual safety is a must. Without a holster protecting the trigger, you need some form of safety, especially if you decide to sling it (there’s a QD cup) or use the Flux Raider’s special holster.

When you need to reload, you have three different means to do so. First, you have a button on the right-hand side below and in front of the trigger. Second, on the left-hand side, you have a tab you press inwards. Finally, behind the spare mag holder, there’s another button at the bottom.

The Flux Raider Chassis for SIG P320 Pistols
This little guy drops both the magazine in the gun and the mag in the holder. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

When fully pressed, this button releases the magazine in the gun and the magazine in the spare magazine holder.

This setup allows for very rapid mag changes with a little practice. Sometimes it leaves you there looking dumb until you remember what you are supposed to be doing. After some practice, though, I looked a lot less dumb more often.

Pop Goes the Brace

There’s also have a rod sticking up and out on the right-hand side. The thumb can easily reach this rod and, when pressed, it deploys your brace with a spring-loaded snap. It’s super fast and can be done with one hand. That rod also doubles as a means to activate the slide lock.

The Flux Raider’s brace is a curved piece of polymer that wraps around the arm and conforms to it. It’s not a super-supportive brace like the SBA3, but it works. The length of pull is fairly short, and if you were to…I don’t know…misuse it somehow, your face feels close to the slide.

The Flux Raider Chassis for SIG P320 Pistols
That little rod deploys the spring loaded brace. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

Yet the slide is fully encapsulated at the rear by the Flux Raider and can’t pop you in the mouth, even though it looks like it might. That raised rear hoop on the rear of he chassis features a rail for optics. You can also look through it to use your iron sights.

Sadly you can’t use slide-mounted optics with the Flux Raider, which makes the whole thing a bit taller than necessary. My guess is that rear portion is important for overall strength and durability.

How It All Comes Together

The Flux Raider is, of course, bigger than your standard pistol, but smaller than most subguns. It’s not exactly an AIWB configuration anymore. You can and will need to mount a red dot across the top, and a short front rail has just enough lip to mount a light.

The Flux Raider Chassis for SIG P320 Pistols
A red dot is a must-have with the Flux Raider. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

Ergonomically it’s well put together. I was fairly surprised at the ingenuity and forethought that went into the setup. Everything is easy to reach and activate, and magazine changes can be lightning-fast when you utilize the dual magazine release setup. Deploying the brace takes no thought and can be done as part of your ‘draw’ with the Flux Raider.

The Flux Raider Chassis for SIG P320 Pistols
The iron sights can be used, but its nowhere near as easy or intuitive as a red dot. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

The only tough thing is a slide lock reload while trying to use the bar to drop the slide. This will also unlock the brace, and any pressure being applied to the brace will make it collapse. It’s much easier to either slingshot over the top or use the support hand to hit an ambidextrous slide release.

At the Range

The Flux Raider takes your P320 and doubles its effectiveness. Hitting shots at 50 yards consistently is super easy. Even on smaller targets, I could engage and hear the ding of a 2-inch gong when I used a supported position. I took rapid shots in a standing, offhand position and kept 4 and 6-inch gongs swinging.

At closer ranges, the Raider makes it easier to shoot fast and recover. The brace makes a huge difference in control.

The Flux Raider Chassis for SIG P320 Pistols
The brace isn’t the most supportive and might be…misused. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

My first few shots felt a bit odd. The Flux Raider isn’t like other braced setups like the RONI kits. The recoil and muzzle rise is reduced, and it lacks any snap, which make for comfy shooting. Yet it still feels like a handgun ergonomically.

That extra control translates to faster and more efficient follow-up shots. The difference between my failure drill times with the Flux Raider and a dedicated PCC is minimal. Using the iron sights is possible, but it’s odd, and I don’t care for it. A red dot on the top is a downright necessity.

The Flux Raider Chassis for SIG P320 Pistols
Two mags, light, optic, and brace make for an effective and optimized weapon. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

The combination of red dot and Flux Raider make for a rapid-fire, 0 to 50-yard gun. Instead of thinking of it as a sub-gun or a handgun, think of it as a civilian PDW. It’s light and small, easily carried in a bag, but still more effective than a traditional handgun.

I won’t lie, I love the look and feel of the Flux Raider. That cyberpunk appeal isn’t lost on me. While this setup isn’t for everyone, I had a total blast with it. I had zero reliability issues and enjoyed the ergonomics and performance increase it provides.

Sure, it’s not something I need, but we all know it’s not called the Bill of Needs.

Length: 11 inches
Height: 6 inches
Width: 1.7 inches
Weight: 40 Ounces Assmebled
MSRP: $489.99

Ergonomics * * * * 
The ergonomics are mostly awesome. Everything works as designed and is easy to reach and engage. The biggest downside comes from manipulating the slide from a locked, open position. It requires some real retraining.

Accuracy * * * * *
With my P320C, I can hit a gong at 50 yards, but with the Flux Raider, I can consistently hit that gong over and over without much effort. That’s a huge increase in pistol accuracy.

Customize This * * * * 
You can put a light and red dot on it, and you can use most of your P320 upgrades. For example, I have the legion trigger installed and night sights. With a threaded barrel, you can use most suppressors and even compensators.

Overall * * * *
The Flux Raider is an awesome grip module/chassis design. It takes the modular design of the P320 to the next level and turns a handgun into a PDW. It’s fun, looks cool, and is well put together. It’s also fairly expensive, so keep that in mind.



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