Lessons From the Great Depression (Preparing for Food Shortages & Inflation)


So I know most people here are already Preppers, and possibly everyone is, but I think in the coming month’s everyone in one aspect or another is going to become a prepper. We’re already seeing record inflation, shortages, and supply chain issues, and it all looks like it will get worse soon.

As Americans, we’ve embraced the made in China Walmart mentality. We’ve embraced the Amazon Buy It Now button. And can even get our groceries delivered right to the front door. 

Remember the days when only a handful of movies came out each year, or you had to be sitting in front of your TV when your favorite show came on or you missed it? These days there are 100 streaming services that we can watch something new literally every night for a small monthly fee. 

If you remember having to balance a checkbook, having to write a check to pay a bill, or remembering when it was necessary to carry cash in your wallet, not a choice, you understand how easy life is these days. 

My point is that everything is convenient, everything is digital, and everything is made far away from where we live. This means that even the most minor interruptions greatly impact our lives. These days, those small things are stacking up, creating what seems to be the perfect storm.  

All Good Things Come to an End

While life is much different than it was during The Great Depression, we may see ourselves returning to how they lived back then. And while some of us are ready for this, most people wouldn’t even know where to begin without Amazon and Walmart. 

In the video below, I talk about some things we can do to fight inflation and prepare for food shortages in the coming months. although life is different these days, we can learn quite a few lessons from the great depression.

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