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We join a member of ‘The Element’ Youtube Show on a public land bowhunt in Kansas. On the second day of his hunt K.C. brings his tree saddle, bow, and grunt tube and sets up in a tree where he located lots of scrapes and deer sign.

Later on he spots a big Whitetail Buck cruising downwind of a doe bedding area. K.C. eases out his Grunt Tube. The wind is blowing hard and K.C. grunts as loud as he can.

The buck turns 180º and heads directly toward K.C.’s stand, and stops a few yards away! K.C. takes his shot. The blood trail starts out right away and leads K.C. to a fence that joins an adjacent property.

He needs permission to cross a private land fence but he can’t deal with this situation until the morning. Two of his bowhunting buddies join him in the morning and the search continues.

And K.C. and friends prevail.


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