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Weird Survival Items That Might Save Your Life

In a serious SHTF situation, you may be forced to bug out of a homestead or dwelling. Or maybe you have been caught out unexpectedly whilst out and about, and you have no access to your survival gear at home or in the car.

Further still, maybe you’re bunkered down and start to run out of some survival items.

Whichever scenario you find yourself in, it’s good to know that there are numerous common objects that have many uses that you may not have thought about.


Mouthwash that has at least 25% alcohol can be used in first aid as it is both antibacterial and antiseptic. Prevent infection by applying mouthwash on a wound to clean it thoroughly.

If left untreated, infections can spread causing sepsis which is fatal if not treated.

Mouthwash can also be used as a disinfectant to sterilize needles or cooking equipment.

Why You Should Always Keep Some Listerine in Your Medicine Cabinet

If head lice or ticks are a problem, it can help to kill them for you.

Ticks may well cause Lyme Disease which in the early stages will cause fever and fatigue, something you don’t need if you have to keep moving.

Dental Floss

Dental floss is so handy being lightweight and complete with its own cutter.

It can be used for tasks where something needs to be bound to something else because it is very strong. If you don’t have a fishing line, it can be used for that too.

It can substitute for thread if you have run out of it or it is not available.


Weird Survival Items That Might Save Your LifePantyhose makes a great water filter because of its fine mesh that is able to catch contaminants. It can also be used as a fishing net or a dust mask.

To prevent blisters, put them on first before your socks. Blisters can be very painful especially if you have to keep going.

Pantyhose is also a defense against ticks, chiggers and leeches. They can be used as a vessel for carrying things you have gathered such as fruits.

20 Foods You Can Keep Longer In Pantyhose

In case of injury, they can be used as a tourniquet, sling or to secure a bandage.


More than just a fashion item, a bandana has many uses and has the advantage of being cheap, light and easy to carry.

It can obviously protect your head from the sun, but can also be used as a face mask to help you breathe in dusty conditions.

It makes a great sling or tourniquet when needed. The bright neon colors may also help to attract the attention of rescuers should you need rescuing.


We all own at least one pair of socks, but who would have thought of its uses.

Apart from keeping your feet warm, they can act as something to collect water in and also to filter it of debris and bugs.

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Weird Survival Items That Might Save Your Life

This filtered water should be boiled or left to sit, so that further sediment can sink to the bottom of the container.

Add a few drops of iodine, sit for 30 minutes and then it should be safe to drink. It’s even possible, if nothing else is available, to use the lint from cotton socks as tinder.

Vodka or Any Alcohol with a Minimum Proof of 80%

This type of alcohol can be used as a cleaning agent for wounds or any equipment that needs sterilizing.

Weird Survival Items That Might Save Your LifeThis will help to prevent infection of wounds and make sure that implements such as needles or razor blades are sterile should you need to perform some simple medical procedures.

Vodka is good as a gargle for throat troubles and can help to suppress coughs.

When applied on the skin, it can act as a repellent for flies and also to give relief from insect bites. Lastly, it can also be used as a fire starter when you need to get a fire going.


Weird Survival Items That Might Save Your LifeAluminum soda cans substitute as water containers and can also be cut and fashioned into fishing hooks.

The concave bottom of the can be polished with toothpaste to act like a mirror to kindle a fire.

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Empty food steel cans can also be utilized as small stoves or used to make arrowheads and other weapons.

Large, Heavy Duty Garbage Bags

Weird Survival Items That Might Save Your LifeThese types of bags have many uses to keep you warm and dry.

Many people use them as a poncho after cutting out a hole for the head and then slipping it on. Using one or more bags filled with dry leaves or newspaper, they can substitute as a mattress or sleeping bag.

Garbage bags can also be used to collect rain water by placing them in a hole.

If the full length of the bag is cut on either side, the resulting plastic sheet can be used as part of a shelter.

Steel Wool

The need for kindling a fire will include cooking, boiling water for drinking, keeping warm and maybe signaling for help.

There are various ways of starting a fire including using steel wool and a 9 volt or AA battery. Simply roll the steel wool into a tube shape.

Carefully pull out the ends on either side of the tube. Place each end on the negative and positive terminals of the battery, in that order. Very soon the steel wool will begin to glow.

Add your tinder onto it to kindle the flame. This is a very fast method and works great even when there are damp conditions.

Just remember, you may find yourself in a survival situation where you need a Plan B. All the items listed above may be improvised for survival.

With a little know-how, these weird items may become indispensable to you and those around you. Just because they are ordinary items doesn’t mean they can’t be used in extraordinary ways.

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