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I have been using the Orange Screw for well over eight years now. We have used these anchors for everything from tents in camp to staking out the pup to holding down the blind in 30 MPH winds. Anchoring things to the ground requires the right tools and without question the Orange Screw has held up to everything we have thrown at it. Our only regret with the Orange Screw is the times in which we did not deploy them and lost the battle to wind.

Living in Nebraska wind is the order of the day especially in the fall and in the early winter. I have had some days sitting in the blind in which I had to question my sanity. I know that we would have lost the blind and parts of our gear if they had not been screwed into the ground with the Orange Screw. The Orange Screw is a high quality ground anchor Made in the USA of 100% recycled polycarbonate plastic. The Orange Screw comes in sizes Small and Large, and each package of these includes a transparent tube called the T-Grip Tool which slides over the screw threads when not in use and can slide through the round eye atop the screw to serve as a handle for screwing it into the ground. I like how easy it is to attach guidelines and carabiners to the round tops of the Orange Screw. Orange Screw even sells paracord specifically for anchoring items.

Specs for the Orange Screws:


  • Weight: 1.8 ounces
  • Length: 9 1/2″
  • Thread Diameter: 7/8”


  • Weight: 3.6 ounces
  • Length: 12 1/4″
  • Thread Diameter: 1 1/8″

What We Like about Orange Screw

These are not your ultralight tent stakes and they are not going to hold up or work in pure rock, but for just about anything else you need to anchor to the ground in serious weather, these are absolutely the tool you are going to want in your kit. We have used these for awnings, tents, staking out our pup, Miko, and most importantly our hunting blind. This year during turkey season we employed eight small anchors, one on each corner and one on each of the four guidelines of our blind. The morning started out calm, but we knew weather was coming in and come in it did. The wind picked up at 9 am and got steadily worse over the next two hours.  When we finally broke down at 1 pm it was gusting 40 mph and blowing a consistent 20 mph.  Breaking the blind down took all of our effort and the last thing we took down were the last two orange screws holding the last two guidelines. These are not inexpensive but they are worth it. We recommend owning at least two of the large and eight of the small screws in your gear kit at all times. Invest in a complete kit and case so you can always find them when you need them.  Orange Screw backs these for life with a strong warranty so this is an invest once and own for life product. Just don’t let your friends borrow them or you may not see them again.

Read about some good ways we have used the Orange Screws all the way back in 2015:

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